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Versace Jeans A/W 2013

Versace Jeans Autumn/Winter 2013 Campaign


Gianni Versace became world famous as an innovative fashion designer. Gianni Versace was essentially the architect of modern fashion’s place in popular culture. He redefined what a fashion house was by combining fashion with rock&roll, art, celebrity, theatre and ballet.

The Versace Group has its own branded luxury stores worldwide. These are created to provide the perfect environment in which to showcase the Versace collections. There are currently approximately 100 Versace boutiques in the most exclusive cities of the world, including Rome, Paris, London, New York, Dubai and Hong Kong.

Over the past few years the Versace boutiques have been renovated to bring them in line with the modern aesthetic of the brand – there is a chic black and white design code, with a signature use of marble and leather.

Versace for H&M Video

Gold, studs and glamour! The Very Best of Versace for H&M collection has truly captured the essence of Versace. Indulge in iconic pieces with bright prints, studs and daring cuts.

Versace Jeans support China

‘Versace Jeans support China
Donatella Versace was back in her element Thursday, overseeing a re-creation of the fashion house’s Milan runway show in the Chinese capital.

Versace spent a day earlier in the week with earthquake survivors in the muddy, remote mountains in Sichuan Province working with the Jet Li One Foundation to raise awareness of the plight of victims. The actor Jet Li and Versace capped off Thursday’s show with a high-energy live auction that raised an additional $100,000 for earthquake relief work.

“What appeals to me is the energy in China, especially in this city Beijing. There are a lot of young people, creative people, a lot of art — it’s very inspiring,” design head and vice president Donatella Versace told Reuters.

“Chinese people like luxury brands,” added Donatella, looking stunning in a flattering, figure-hugging black dress and black stiletto shoes.

Versace displayed its spring/summer 2009 collection at the show, which had previously debuted in Milan, in front of an elite audience of socialites, executives and celebrities, including Chinese and Hollywood action star Jet Li.

Donatella said she would like to make China a regular stop on Versace’s fashion show calendar.

“If the economic crisis permits, yes I’ll come every year,” she told reporters ahead of the show.

“I have to say that doing it here in Beijing has been amazing because of the enthusiasm,” Donatella added. “I think the Chinese people love fashion — that’s what I can feel.”

Versace Jeans + Spice Girls

Versace Jeans + Spice Girls Can the Spice Girls squeeze into Versace Jeans? Rumour has it that Donatella Versace will be dressing the old birds on their comeback tour. Versace Jeans are renowned for being a bit tight around the butt so it could be a tight squeeze for most of the ancient zig-zaggers. That said, Victoria Beckham should be ok with the Versace jeans but may have a problem pulling the tops over her disporportioned head.