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Uniqlo Clothing in London

Uniqlo Clothing in London
Uniqlo, the Japanese fashion chain, owned by Fast Retailing Co. Ltd., opened the doors of two Oxford Street units in London.

“London is the Olympics of the retailing world. All of the major players are here,” said Tadashi Yanai, chairman, president and chief executive officer of Fast Retailing, which his family founded. “Those who succeed in London are winners worldwide.”

UNIQLO Clothing = Green + Ethical

UNIQLO Clothing = Green + Ethical Since 2001 UNIQLO Clothing has been collecting fleece wear and converting it into fuel for power generation; now they are accepting everything, twice a year at season change. In the trial, 140,000 items were collected, 92% was suitable for additional use and donated to refugee camps in Thailand and Nepal, 6% was converted into fuel for power generation and 2% was recycled into insulation and work gloves.