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Stone Island 30 Clothing video tour

An amazing walkthrough over the 2.000 square metre of STONE ISLAND 30, the brand 30th anniversary exhibition, held in June 2012 at Stazione Leopolda in Florence.

The exhibition has been thoroughly filmed and photographed to turn it from physical to digital experience, with the intent of render timeless a temporary event. The first Stone Island 30 years of wealth in research and experimentation are now fully available online with photos, films and captions.An invaluable opportunity for fa ns, students and would to be designers to enquire into the history of sportswear and into the painstaking fabric and treatment research that has made Stone Island inimitable.

Stone Island Jacket – 30th Anniversary Special


The 30/30 jacket is a cross section of the state of the art of Stone lsland. A testament to three decades of exploration and development. Two pieces in one, the jacket shell and jacket liner, both reversible, which assume different features in 30 ways of use. They can be worn, together or alone, in a total of 10 different ways and in 3 different states: Normal, Ice and Reflective.

The hooded jacket shell is in RUBBERISED SATIN PRISMATIC COVER.

Jacket in Raso Gommato: cotton satin, military fabric, with a polyurerhane coating, waterproof and windproof. It is a glossy, transparent and finely grooved film that provides a three-dimensional prismatic effect that refracts light, amplifying the effects of the bi-colour double dyeing. The addition of a special agent to the dyeing recipe makes the garment antidrop. Inside, the jacket liner in THERMO REFLECTIVE, a thermo-sensitive and reflective fabric. A nylon substrate, bonded both with glass microspheres that enable the fabric’s refractivity as well as the microencapsulated pigments that change the passage of light are incorporated, and therefore the colour of the material changes as a function of temperature.

Internal WOOL KNIT with nylon sleeves.



It is an important year for Stone Island, that through a growth, which has allowed it to double its sales since 2007, is getting ready to face an important 2012: the 30th anniversary celebration of its hard work will see its involvement in both product and communication projects.



This is a celebration that begins with the product because, for Stone Island, that’s where it all begins.
The next Autumn/Winter ‘012 collection, an important and structured collection, really represents the excellence that the company has achieved within each family of product. 3 symbolic pieces have been designed to represent par excellence the history and methodology of Stone Island.

– Tela Stella: the genesis, the origin.
In1982, Stone Island was founded with just one fabric in 6 different colours. Thirty years later, the exact replica of a piece from its first collection is available, a fabric inspired by a study on the technical and functional features of tarpaulins for military trucks.

– Reflective Knit: playing with material.
Transferring technology from fabric to yarn, the ultimate in Stone Island research. Created using a Reflective yarn, built with micro plates covered with thousands of glass microspheres enclosed in a polyester net, printed using pressure/heat sublimation to melt the fibres and get an even surface with a jersey and high performance Windstopper® liner.

– 30/30: engineering the garment, the sum of the key.
Stone Island technologies.
Two garments in one, both reversible, which can be worn in 30 different modes. In Raso Gommato Prismat¬ic Cover, a cotton-based satin coated inside with a prismatic polyurethane film, garment dyed with a double dye formula and in Thermo Reflective, a heat sensitive and reflective fabric knitted inside.


Three decades to talk about, covering various areas and remaining faithful to the language of Stone Island.

– The Show: with the Fondazione Pitti Discovery, at the Stazione Leopolda in Florence in June 2012, starting with Pitti Uomo 82.
A retrospective that explores all the key areas of Stone Island.

– The Book: 300 iconographic images that cover its 30 years history. It will be released in June / July by Silvana Editoriale and printed by Grafiche Amilcare Pizzi.


Stone Island winter jacket


A video on the opening of the lastest (the next) flagship store.

To open a flagship store is always a unique event that gives to a brand a lot of energy. Especially to us, who decided to conceive our stores more as a ‘design pieces’ showcase than a ‘clothes container’. The latest opening, on May 28th, has been in Riccione, a city known for its great daytime beaches, and spectacular nighttime’s discos. The address is Viale Ceccarini 34, the main shopping and bar avenue. The shop opened just a few days before the opening of the shop in shop” of Forte Village in Sardinia and precedes the opening of ur Parisian Flagship store, but this is another story and will be another post…. Here’s a video, shot the day before and the day of the opening.

Stone Island_Drybags – An Interpretation

Stone Island_Drybags – An Interpretation.

We gave our Drybags – accessories we made with ORTLIEB, leader company in the production of technical bags for the outdoors – to NY based italian videomakers Lele Saveri and Giulia Maria Venturini. We asked them to go around Milan with our airtight PVC floating 100% waterproof ultra-resistant bags! Here is the video. Enjoy.

Stone Island_Milan Design Week ‘011 _ April 12/17

Stone Island_Milan Design Week '011 _ April 12/17

Stone Island_Milan Design Week ‘011 _ April 12/17

The Moon_The Ultimate Rock of Stone – La Pell del Ferro_Miquel Subiràs

We couldn’t exempt ourselves of being part of Milan’s excitement for the 50th anniversary of the Salone del Mobile. We decided to open our Milan showroom to three events that make us particularly proud. The collaboration with il–lacions, Stone Island presents the exhibition “La pell del ferro”, designed by Miquel Subiràs, and in this video you will see the exhausting but spectacular preparation that went into the set up of this event. Miquel himself “directed” the crane while positioning a 2.500 kg weight and 6 metre long iron table.

Furthermore, for the whole week, we are exhibiting our suggestive installation by Stone Island: “The Moon, The Ultimate Rock of Stone”. And as usual we are hosting our friends of the Italian magazine Velvet with their installation “Velvetissement”, where the editorial team invites visitors to design “the ideal city” on a big billboard. We wait for your visit!

April 12/17
from 10 am to 7 pm
Stone Island_Via Savona 54_20144 Milano




On March 12th, during the Oktagon competition at Milan’s Palasharp, Stone Island has entered the ring for the first time with our Giorgio Petrosyan, K1 World Champion 2009 and 2010.

His match against Brazilian champion Alexander Cosmo was the highlight moment of the international K1 session, and a tough one.
Cosmo, a big player in this discipline, belongs to a higher weight category than Giorgio (indeed he had to lose several kilograms to challenge our champion) and is at least 10 centimetres higher than him.

Knowing this, great was our emotion in seeing Giorgio win, at least as much as the tension throughout the fight. We hope to share with you at least part of these emotions through this video. Kudos to Giorgio!



The camouflage concept carried to its extremes. This is what the Ghost Pieces presented today stand for. As if they had been dipped into a tin of paint, everything in these jackets — including the badge with the Compass Rose in a special mono-colour version — is uniformed to one of the two absolute colours: either all white or all black. We will get back on this topic.



In this third episode of the documentary dedicated to the Stone world, Andrea Moro – the company’s Head of Product – carry us right to into the core of the Stone Island product, unveiling the details of manufacture while stressing a crucial element of the brand’s DNA: passion.

Stone Island Reflective Jacket

Stone Island Reflective Jacket

Stone Island Reflective Jacket


Today we publish a presentation video for our Reflective Jacket. This jacket, as our fans know, is one of Stone Island iconic pieces. Since the early Nineties, we have introduced the concept of light refractivity, borrowed from safety work garments. The Reflective fabric is highly refractive, thanks to a coating procedure made with thousands of glass micro-spheres.


LAB and LIFE, the two faces of Stone Island.

LAB is the incessant and continuous research into materials and treatments. The result of its never ending vocation to daring experimentation.

LIFE is its lending experience and perception. Strong aesthetics providing status to its wearer. A recognisable and impactful transversal sportswear for everyday use.

These two cores have been merged into a single idea to create the Spring Summer _011 collection. References and inspiration taken from the various environments have been carefully investigated in order to create useful functions and details. Ocean Navigation, the Navy and Uniforms have been rewritten with a modern, urban vocabulary.

The treatments modify the aspect of materials and as always make the difference. The fabrics come to life and gain body, matte or shiny qualities, depth, shading. Special dyes have been used to achieve metallic highlights that recreate the appearance of the bodywork of latest generation sports cars. Iridescent surfaces have been achieved by laminating them with nylon monofilament mesh. Two-tone effects have been created printing and plating techniques. Modern technology has revitalised fabrics from the historic archive.

STONE ISLAND’s association with the POLAR BAR

Stone Island in Germany

STONE ISLAND’s association with the POLAR BAR – the new outdoor bar at the Bayerischer Hof hotel in Munich

As a partner of the hotel Bayerischer Hof, the most prestigious hotel in Bavaria, Stone Island is playing an important role in the project POLAR BAR – the newly inaugurated temporary outdoor bar located on the hotel terrace on Promenadeplatz.

The project is by Horst Wittmann and Konstantin Landuris, the young, emerging German designers and owners of the studio Hansundfranz, who designed the “POLAR BAR” as a polar station, with a nomadic and very flexible character. Guests get the impression that polar scientists stopped for a little while in the eternal winter to have a party on the ice.

Stone Island Jackets

The bar elements are reminiscent of expedition containers and are equally handy: they serve both as the bar counter itself and as storage space. The metal surface with its honeycomb pattern has an industrial look and was originally used in the automotive and aeronautic industry.

Stone Island’s contribution to the project is based on the use of some of its most innovative materials: the Ice Jacket Fabric, the heat sensitive fabric that changes color according to changes in temperature and Reflective Fabric, which is highly reflective owing to its coating of glass micro spheres. These fabrics have been used for the fleece-lined blankets offering protection from the cold and the covers of some of the furnishings.

Stone Island Jeans

“The POLAR BAR project appealed to me straight away. I found many aspects in common with the Stone Island philosophy. The history and prestige of the Bayerischer Hof Hotel has been combined with a propensity towards modern design exploration in the project by Konstantin Landuris and Horst Wittmann. I am sure that it will be an interesting initiative and hope it will be the beginning of a long association.”

Carlo Rivetti, President of Stone Island

“As a luxury operator, the hotel Bayerischer Hof sets standards for the well being of its guests and at the same time, feels the need to offer them new experiences.”

Innegrit Volkhardt, owner of the Bayerischer Hof hotel.

The POLAR BAR will be straightforward, authentic and always driven by innovative ideas. That was our aim with this project: An aim that reflects the philosophy of STONE ISLAND.”

Stone Island Bag

Stone Island Clothes – The journey inside Stone Island begins.

The journey inside Stone Island begins.

Carlo Rivetti opens the doors of the headquarters of Sportswear Company in Ravarino, where his brand Stone Island is thought and takes life.

A first general recognition where Carlo Rivetti reveals the philosophy of a company that has always been founded on research and experimentation. Where what is revealed is the passion and the deep know how that turn ideas and visions into garments and collections that are always innovative and in the vanguard.

What follows is a serialised story, where an indiscreet camera records, without any secret, the testimonies of the people involved and all the places in which the product is created.

Stone Island – Carlo Rivetti’s Tour

Stone Island – Carlo Rivetti’s Tour.

The journey inside Stone Island begins.

Carlo Rivetti opens the doors of the headquarters of Sportswear Company in Ravarino, where his brand Stone Island is thought and takes life.

A first general recognition where Carlo Rivetti reveals the philosophy of a company that has always been founded on research and experimentation. Where what is revealed is the passion and the deep know how that turn ideas and visions into garments and collections that are always innovative and in the vanguard.

What follows is a serialised story, where an indiscreet camera records, without any secret, the testimonies of the people involved and all the places in which the product is created.

These stories are placed online periodically in the news section of the website. A journey through the Experimental Colour Lab, the Material Research Lab, the Style and Product Office and the Historical Archive.

Dedicated to those who love Stone Island.

Stone Island Autumn 2010

Stone Island Autumn 2010

Using elements from sports and military environments, Stone Island created new angles for “hybrids” that highlights functionality and utility to fit the needs of contemporary gentlemen.

References to British-style outdoor wear can be found in the collection. Iconic garments have been reworked and brought up to date in terms of style and choice of colour to satisfy new everyday needs.

Research and technology applied to material. Treatments, experimentation, finishes and dyeing techniques have created new colour codes, while respecting the garments’ performance.

Liquid Reflective Jacket

The language of safety work garments inspired the Reflective Jacket in ‘991.
Now a reflective coating made up of thousands of micro glass balls has been hand sprayed onto the finished garments, creating an uneven liquid effect on the surface.

Thermo-sensitive Garments

The Ice Jacket was launched for the first time in ‘989. A liquid crystal coating causes a chromatic change in relation to changes in temperature from hot to cold and vice versa.

Ice Jacket Camouflage_ in light cotton with a camouflage print: when exposed to low temperatures it becomes solid dark grey.

Waxed Ice_ the version in waxed cotton with a detachable felt “helmet” changes from silver blue, beige or army green to a darker shade.

Quilted garments

In rubberized cotton muslin bonded to a transparent polyurethane film that makes them water resistant.

Down garments

Parkas, vests, bomber jackets and reversible jackets in ultra-light nylon and waxed leather are light as a feather and padded with goose down.

Welded Down Jacket

Rip stop fabric bonded to a performance membrane with heat-sealed seams. The down padded sections are electro-sealed to ensure maximum waterproofing: the result of Stone Island technology.

STONE ISLAND AW ‘010 – ‘011 PREVIEW from Stone Island on Vimeo.

Stone Island A/W 2007

Stone Island A/W 2007Stone Island A/W 2007 Press Release:

 “Stone Island re-elaborates garments coming from the uniforms world, ever-green inspiration source of the brand, focusing on the function of use just like in every collection. Moving within the same environment and with the same curiosity shown by the Mods, youth movement founded in England in the late ‘50s, Stone Island re-interprets Parkas, Field Jackets, Trenches, Bombers and Blousons by using innovative materials treated with special procedures and by updating their volumes and details.Fabrics play an important role and contribute to make the collection contemporary: among the most extreme ones, Reflective and Vinyl.


The Parka: In Reflective military green cotton, cotton batavia covered by thousands of glass microspheres characterised by its reflective quality. A Japanese microfibre treated with a particular finishing able to make the garment thick and comfortable. In cotton/nylon transformed with an all-over camouflage print and internal resining.
The Field Jacket: Produced in reflective cotton, Raso Gommato and rubberised cotton satin, all garment dyed. Also produced in the heavy military duffle with non-slip finishing.
The Military Trench: In rubberised cotton muslin or double-breasted in Raso Gommato, rubberised cotton satin with external PVC-smearing with a vinyl effect.

Knitwear and Sweatshirts

Declined in different weights, from the heavy English-ribbed blouson-knit sweaters in wool, lambswool and chenille doubled in nylon, up to the light wool seamless knit sweaters.


Grey tones from powder to anthracite, green tones from military to emerald, blue tones from ink to bright blue, neutral colours from white to ecru, and then orange and black.

Stone Island revolutionises those garments through innovative materials and special treatments, up-dating their volumes and details, yet still keeping the same taste of the past.”

Stone Island Jeans + Stone Island Denim

Stone Island Jeans + Stone Island Denim Stone Island Denim has always been a hit! Although Stone Island epitomises a “Man’s Brand” some of the denim styles introduce a touch of Yin to this geezers realm. Check out one of the widest online collections here. Whatever your thoughts about Stone Island, the fact is Stone Island jeans are a definite cut above the norm. Take a butchers!

Stone Island Jacket + Stone Island Reflective Jacket

Stone Island Jacket + Stone Island Reflective Jacket Every geezer south of the M62 loves Stone Island, especially Stone Island Jackets; it’s tribal armour for the warriors of the south. As usual the current collection is well worth a butchers. This is the Stone Island Spring/Summer 2007 blurb:

“Spring/Summer 2007. Stone Island’s spring/Summer 2007 collection contaminates sportswear with military uniforms. These two influences are linked by the same need for functionality. They come together to create architectural and contemporary sportswear. Each garment has a unique DNA. Even the most hidden details have a special use and function. Fabric research and technology is always paramount. Elements from diverse industries are developed into urban functional fabrics.

Reflective: First used by Stone Island in 1992 this fabric is reintroduced as a commemorative jacket to mark 25 years of Stone Island as a high visibility blouson. The fabric is composed of thousands of glass microspheres that reflect light, even when only the tiniest amount is available. This is also adapted into a hooded blouson with a high shine nylon double layer.

Ventile: An extraordinary completely water-proof fabric in 100% cotton is able to perfectly combine breathability and protection from all weather conditions in blousons that guarantee to be the highest performing natural fibre.

Knitwear incorporates many different weights and gauges. Heavier knits in cotton, linen and nylon are mixed to become outerwear. Shirting in cotton/linen include military detailing and epaulettes. T-shirts with their superlight optical prints are multi dimensional. Trousers come in two fits. Clean and slim fitting or loose (snowboard derivation). The collection is complemented in neutral colours with grey nuances fading down to black and blue.”

Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006

Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006The Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006 Press Release:

“This collection skilfully displays Stone Island’s craft and expertise in the development of stylish design and technology. This collection draws inspiration from the sea, in particular the male fascination with the sea. Inspired by naval uniforms their durability and functionality are brought to every day life. 

The structure of garments is extremely detailed revealing the identifiable Stone Island character and the attention to detail that the brand is famous for; double hemming on the borders of garments or badges applied to the arm. The use of colour is balanced: charts of neutral colours and grey tones, with a dominant black, industrial red and a bright orange. 

Sheepskin blousons are white hand-painted, according to the Marine tradition. Sheepskin trims are also used on jumpers, sweatshirts, collars and hoods as an external shelter or as detachable inner lining.  Double layers resemble the volume and roundedness of sheepskin with single layer wools for parkas, blousons and Navy pea coats. Down jackets are super-light (at only 37 grams a metre) the only “heavy” detail is the canvas hood in printed and shiny-coated cotton with a wax effect.

Stone Island is continuously developing fabrics to increase strength. Ventile® is a fabric in 100% “all weather cotton”, transpiring wind/snow and waterproof.  David a new Japanese fabric is a heavy microfibre. It is compact and waterproof, treated with coagulant pressing and washing with a rubberised effect.

Knitwear is authentically Stone Island but with new compositions and detailing. Heavy knit sweaters are produced in wool, cotton, wool/cotton, double-worked or coupled.  Blouson knit sweaters are thick and heavy, coupled inside with a wind-proof net.  Light knit sweaters in chenille or combed wool.  Heavy sweatshirts are named “high altitude” due to their considerable warmth, in nylon-padded cotton with a great thermal capacity, a concept developed from the aeronautic underwear of the Second World War.

Characterised by the Stone Island trademark badge, the famous identification of the brand, trousers are produced in heavy cotton, in ground Ottoman with a velvet effect and in a wool/cotton mix.”

Stone Island Clothing the end of an Era?

Stone Island Clothing For over a decade Stone Island clothing has been a “must have” piece of clothing for every lad who likes a drink with his mates and a scuffle on the terraces. The Stone Island masterminds positioned their brand so intelligently it gained a true cult following. Stone Island clothing, especially the well designed and tailored Stone Island Jacket, was meticulously marketed and intelligently distributed so the brand maintained its reputation for elitist “lad-fashion”. The question posited in this brief articles is: are those days over?

Over the past few years there’s been an almost inconceivable growth in online retailing, some legitimate but a significant percentage illegitimate. The growth in online retailing has not only precipitated the growth in counterfeit merchandise and questionable parallel imports it’s also compromised a brands ability to control its distribution, so where once a brand could limit distribution to maintain its kudos and reputation today it’s almost impossible so the longevity of a brands kudos is shortened with obvious detrimental consequence. Stone Island has been a major victim of online retailers selling either counterfeits or parallel imports and the web is awash with seemingly endless supplies of Stone Island Clothing, Jackets, Sweaters, Cardigans, Jeans, Shirts and accessories. Perhaps the Stone Island Era was coming to a natural end anyway but one things for sure the exponential growth of online retailing certainly precipitated the end of the Era. Other brands should also take heed of this development because perhaps the growth of online retailing equals the end of genuine brand control?