Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006The Stone Island Autumn/Winter 2006 Press Release:

“This collection skilfully displays Stone Island’s craft and expertise in the development of stylish design and technology. This collection draws inspiration from the sea, in particular the male fascination with the sea. Inspired by naval uniforms their durability and functionality are brought to every day life. 

The structure of garments is extremely detailed revealing the identifiable Stone Island character and the attention to detail that the brand is famous for; double hemming on the borders of garments or badges applied to the arm. The use of colour is balanced: charts of neutral colours and grey tones, with a dominant black, industrial red and a bright orange. 

Sheepskin blousons are white hand-painted, according to the Marine tradition. Sheepskin trims are also used on jumpers, sweatshirts, collars and hoods as an external shelter or as detachable inner lining.  Double layers resemble the volume and roundedness of sheepskin with single layer wools for parkas, blousons and Navy pea coats. Down jackets are super-light (at only 37 grams a metre) the only “heavy” detail is the canvas hood in printed and shiny-coated cotton with a wax effect.

Stone Island is continuously developing fabrics to increase strength. Ventile® is a fabric in 100% “all weather cotton”, transpiring wind/snow and waterproof.  David a new Japanese fabric is a heavy microfibre. It is compact and waterproof, treated with coagulant pressing and washing with a rubberised effect.

Knitwear is authentically Stone Island but with new compositions and detailing. Heavy knit sweaters are produced in wool, cotton, wool/cotton, double-worked or coupled.  Blouson knit sweaters are thick and heavy, coupled inside with a wind-proof net.  Light knit sweaters in chenille or combed wool.  Heavy sweatshirts are named “high altitude” due to their considerable warmth, in nylon-padded cotton with a great thermal capacity, a concept developed from the aeronautic underwear of the Second World War.

Characterised by the Stone Island trademark badge, the famous identification of the brand, trousers are produced in heavy cotton, in ground Ottoman with a velvet effect and in a wool/cotton mix.”