Rocawear Clothing + Jay-Z Shawn Carter, aka “Jay-Z”,  will not lose, apparently.

“I Will Not Lose embodies the spirit of Rocawear,” Jay-Z explained of the slogan, which is also a lyric taken from “Change the Game,” a single from his first album. “It is about a culture and an attitude that showcases survival. I like to see this campaign as a sort of reintroduction of the brand, but it’s also about more than just models in the clothing.”

“A lot of hip-hop has been viewed as very commercial, but the underlying spirit of hip-hop is to transcend where you came from and make a positive impact on the world,” Jones said. “Whether it’s by capturing money, fame or respect, the driving desire of this culture is to make its mark. The new Rocawear campaign does a great job of expressing that.”