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Phillip Lim says he is getting more in touch with his Asian heritage

Phillip Lim says he is getting more in touch with his Asian heritage.

Phillip Lim CNN Talk Asia from 3.1PhillipLim on Vimeo.

I grew up in a duality where day was Western culture and night was completely Eastern culture. I grew up fighting my Eastern heritage, my Chinese side. As I get older I have this innate yearning to realise my roots and get deeper in touch with them.”

Phillip Lim, speaking to CNN Talk Asia on the occasion of his first fashion show in Asia, held late last year in Beijing.

Phillip Lim, T-Shirt for a Good Cause

Phillip Lim, T-Shirt for a Good Cause

Celebrating the Asian Pacific American Heritage Month held during May of every year, CFDA Swarovski Award-winning designer Phillip Lim in partnership with luxury retailer Nordstrom is designing a limited edition t-shirt that will benefit OCA, a national organization dedicated to serving Asian Pacific Americans.

Founded in 1973 and headquartered in Washington, D.C., OCA for the past 37 years, has worked with its 80-plus chapters and affiliates around the country to embrace and fulfill the hopes and aspirations of Asian Pacific American youth and their communities.

Commenting on the project, Phillip Lim said, “I was interested in this project because I was impressed by Nordstrom’s past success in raising funds to help Asian Pacific American children in need.”

“The T-shirt design is my signature in repetition like a graphic print. It’s simple, but acknowledging my full name was a part of growing up as an Asian American and accepting the two cultures that I am a part of. This is a cause that’s personal to me, and I hope that in my small way I am able to contribute to this great program,” Lim added.

The t-shirts will sell for $85 each with all after-cost proceeds to benefit OCA.