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Paul & Shark Shirt

Paul & Shark Shirts have got a lot of chatter on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum over the years. Some would even state Paul & Shark offer the best shirts on the market. Take a butchers at the Paul & Shark Yachting chatter here: Paul & Shark

Here’s one comment:

“I think it is quite hard to find!

I know Selfridges in London stopped stocking it a few years ago. There’s only one or 2 places I know of that stock p&s in London!

The knits are amazing – I got the Football Lovers top a short time ago (although I’m more of a Rugby Lover!) and it is perfectly made!

I suppose it’s the ‘wrong’ season for p&s! I guess their most popular items are knits.

I like this seasons polos/tees but I don’t think p&s can beat Ralph Lauren or Hackett in the polo game!

ADERO : I personally would not compare it to Henri Lloyd/NS. IMO its on another scale to those 2!!”


Paul & Shark, The ultimate Polo Shirt for S/S 07?

Paul & Shark, The ultimate Polo Shirt for S/S 07?This Paul & Shark Striped Polo Shirt is from the very latest Paul & Shark Spring Summer 2007 Riviera Maya Collection. Paul & Shark is synonymous with the creation of high quality and high fashion shirts and polo shirts and this season is no different. The attention to detail and quality demonstrated in the above Paul & Shark Polo Shirt speaks volumes about the brand!