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Vegan Shoes by NOHARM

NOHARM, the Vegan Shoe brand, which first promoted the link between vegan footwear and the environment is modeled here by Richie Kull. The brand is worth a butchers here at NOHARM.COM

Part of the NOHARM environmental pitch, goes:

“Senior U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization official Henning Steinfeld reported that the meat industry is “one of the most significant contributors to today’s most serious environmental problems.”

Carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide together cause the vast majority of global warming. Raising animals for food (AND LEATHER) is one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide and the single largest source of both methane and nitrous oxide emissions.”

Compelling proposition!

Vegan Shoes 2012, NOHARM Shoes

NOHARM, the premier men’s ethical and green footwear brand appears on fashion net. Vegan shoes are getting more and more attention these days from high street brands like, Nike, Brooks, Gucci and many more. Brands are starting to realise there’s a growing demand from responsible consumers.


Brand to watch in 2012, NOHARM

Keep a close eye on NOHARM in 2012. We believe it could be the new up and coming brand for next year. Not many brands have the heart or the vision to bring ethics and fashion to the same table but NOHARM has been quietly setting things out in recent years and 2012 is possibly the year when everything comes together. Below is an advert taken from the industry leading website. They sum it up nicely. Take a butchers:


Visit the official NOHARM site at

Vegan Shoes by NOHARM 2011 Styles

Take a butchers at the latest ethical styles from NOHARM. Below’s featured the new plain boot hand-crafted in Italy.

NOHARM Vegan Darwin Brown Boot. The new contemporary leather free Darwin brown lace up ankle boot radiates style. The look is clean and elegant and reflects a sophisticated lifestyle choice, easily comparable with the most exclusive designer brands. These stylish and ethically responsible shoes are hand-crafted in Italy. All ingredients and components used to manufacture NOHARM footwear are meticulously researched to ensure the finished product conforms to Vegan Society standards. NOHARM is a proud recipient of the Vegan Society Trademark. The unique lining is designed to dissipate perspiration and drastically reduce odor. All shoes are carefully packaged in biodegradable boxes which are printed with environmentally-friendly ink. Hand crafted in Italy


Giorgio Armani Goes Green & NOHARM

Giorgio Armani Goes Green

ARMANI’S GREEN FINGER: In a burst of civic pride, Giorgio Armani has donated 50,000 euros to the city of Milan to revamp an existing green area in one of Milan’s most historic piazzas — Risorgimento Square — located in the heart of the city. The donation won’t involve billboards or marketing strategies and stems from the designer’s desire to improve the city. Over the years, he has often voiced opinions about Milan lacking in urban aesthetics.

There has been talk of Giorgio Armani collaborating with super green brand, NOHARM. Now that is a colab we’d like to see!

NOHARM Vegan Men's Shoes

Swedish Designers follow the NOHARM lead

Swedish Designers follow the NOHARM lead

Following in the footsteps of the UK based vanguard brand, NOHARM, Swedish designers trumpet their passion for environmentally-friendly and ethical fashion.

Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion opened at the Scandinavia House: The Nordic Center in America, showcasing Swedish fashion designers who take an environmentally-friendly and ethical approach to their work without sacrificing style.

On view through August 21st, this exhibition illuminates high fashion alternatives to mcuh of today’s environmentally harmful clothing.

Proving that “going green” is more than a feel-good fad, Swedish designers collaborated to establish a culture of sustainable fashion. The fashion industry faces major challenges in both resources and labor, but designers featured in the Eco Chic exhibition strive to change the general attitude of fashion and consumption.

They believe that sustainable development is not simply an empty phrase, and fashion is not just about appearance. This touring exhibition from The Swedish Institute (SI) which premiered in Belgrade in the winter of 2008 has visited major international cities including Minsk, Kiev, Riga, Istanbul and most recently Berlin. The installation at Scandinavia House in New York marks the first American stop on this tour.

Sustainable clothing has typically been distinguishable by its appearance. Now, as Eco Chic illustrates, ethical fashion look no different from conventionally produced clothing. It can be exciting and it is possible to construct high fashion garments with sustainable and ecological practices.

What sets this kind of fashion apart is implicitly in the values and attitudes of individual garments, and continue right thorough to the finished product, including the transparency of fashion companies about their production processes and materials.

Eco Chic designers aspire to create a culture o principles design and production. Through this touring exhibition, they hope to inform consumers that fashion can be simultaneously stylish and sustainable.

Eco Chic – Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion presents garments and footwear by various Swedish fashion designers. Featured in this exhibition include: Anja Hynynen, Bergman’s, Camilla Noorback, Dem Collective, Johanna Hofring, Julian Red, Nudie, Pia Anjou, Reflective Circle, Righteous Fashion, Swedish Hasbeens and Zion.

Vegan Shoes x NOHARM Shoes

Vegan Shoes x NOHARM Shoes

Europe has an historical relationship with well-cobbled men’s shoes, so it’s no surprise that the craftsmanship of the UK’s NOHARM is classic and uncompromising. Handcrafted in Italy under fair-labor conditions, certified by the Vegan Society as 100% cruelty-free and eco-conscious, the shoes look as amazing as their planet-saving efforts. Carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide together cause the vast majority of global warming. Raising animals for food and fiber (leather, wool, etc.) is one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide and the single largest source of both methane and nitrous oxide emissions. Going leather-free has never been more urgent, but gentlemen need not compromise their style, thanks to companies like NOHARM. via Hint Magazine

Vegan Shoes – NOHARM Shoes, Clothes & Accessories

Vegan Shoes - NOHARM Shoes, Clothes & Accessories

Whilst studying at a London Uni a meat eating antagonist highlighted the glaring hypocrisy in my defence of a vegetarian lifestyle. “Why,” he asked, “do you trumpet the health benefits and compassionate virtues of a vegetarian and/or vegan diet whilst wearing a square metre of cow’s skin on your feet?” I had no adequate reply to this valid question apart from to say I was on a journey and although I felt I was on an honorable path I still had much ground to cover.

In reality, I felt humiliated and something of a hypocrite. I went back to my bed-sit a little dejected. After a few moments cogitating I decided to catch a tube to the westend to buy a pair of smart vegan shoes I could use for both job interviews and evenings out. I arrived at Oxford Street full of enthusiasm and a hundred pounds in my pocket. Where should I start? There were so many options? At least, that’s what I thought until I entered over 10 shoe shops and not one could offer me a smart pair of vegan shoes.

Surely, there must be somewhere I desperately proclaimed to one shop assistant who looked at me like I was asking for directions to the Sangraal. After over 4 hours of searching it became patently obvious that footwear manufacturers and retailers had decided there was no market for smart vegan shoes, or vegetarian shoes or vegetarian boots for that matter. In the end I bought a pair of canvas shoes and just hoped the glue and sole didn’t have any dead animal ingredients. Well, that was over fifteen years ago and I am happy to say things have improved considerably for vegans and/or vegetarians wishing to buy decent vegan shoes or vegetarian shoes over the years.

NOHARM, without question, produce the ultimate vegan shoes. Visit:

Morrissey x Stella McCartney Shoes

Morrissey x Stella McCartney ShoesFollowing in the footsteps of the inimitable, NOHARM brand, Morrissey is working on a leather-free range of footwear with Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella, the fashion designer has revealed.

Both Morrissey and McCartney are vegetarians, and although the pair’s designs are still in the early stages, she says they are hoping to launch the range next year.

“I’m working with Morrissey on a line of leather-free shoes which I’m really excited about,” McCartney told the Daily Mail. “We are still in the early stages, but the shoes could be launched next year.”

McCartney is also reportedly set to work with fellow vegetarian Leona Lewis on a new clothing range.

In other Morrissey news, the singer recently suggested that suicide was “honourable” while appearing on BBC Radio 4’s Desert Island Discs.

Eloise Grey follows NOHARM Ethical Fashion

Eloise Grey  follows NOHARM Ethical Fashion
Following the benchmark set by the NOHARM Ethical Fashion Brand, Eloise Grey launches her first luxury sustainable fashion boutique ‘Upstairs at Purity’. Eloise Grey’s concept store carves out a niche in the luxury sustainable fashion arena, and specialises in UK artisan produced clothing for women and men. Grey will be selling her own prize-winning organic tweed womenswear, alongside other fashion labels that match her standards of sustainability, style and fashion edge.

Grey works with designers who keep their design process on a human scale, and which maintains a connection with the makers. Many of Grey’s labels are made in the UK, often organic materials, all of which contain a story and connection to the makers. In response to demand from customers Grey will also be introducing a capsule menswear collection. Eloise and the Isle of Mull Weavers, who produce her organic tweeds, were filmed for the BBC series Tweed.

Nike Considered Design follows NOHARM

‘Nike Considered Design follows NOHARMNike follow NOHARM’s lead and goes green. Green has been the theme of NOHARM for three years and Nike’s decision to follow in NOHARM’s footsteps is a positive move for the company and the environment.

Nike today debuted Nike Considered Design, products which combine sustainability principles with the newest innovations for sport. Nike Considered Design will be featured in all of Nike’s six key categories: basketball, running, football, women’s training, men’s training and sportswear, as well as in tennis and ACG (All Condition Gear). The goal of Nike Considered Design is to create performance innovation products that minimize environmental impact by reducing waste throughout the design and development process, use environmentally preferred materials, and eliminate toxics. Nike designers are now expected to make smart, sustainable design choices at the start of their creative process which has led to Nike’s most extensive Considered Design range of product to date.

For example, Nike’s best selling running shoe, the Pegasus, celebrating its 25th anniversary, is the first pinnacle running shoe to be Nike Considered Design.

“As we look at how we design and develop products and run our global business, it’s not enough to be solving the challenges of today,” said President and CEO Mark Parker. “We are designing for the sustainable economy of tomorrow, and for us that means using fewer resources, more sustainable materials and renewable energy to produce new products.”

Nike’s long-term vision for Considered is to design products that are fully closed loop: produced using the fewest possible materials, designed for easy disassembly while allowing them to be recycled into new product or safely returned to nature at the end of their life.

Ethical Footwear by NOHARM

Ethical Footwear by NOHARM NOHARM synergises High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM recognises these two terms are no longer mutually exclusive and the synergy of fashion and ethics is consumer driven by a powerful and wide demographic. “Ethical consumerism” is a term gaining support and recognition at an exponential rate. The growing demand for cruelty-free, eco-conscious, environmentally-friendly and fair-trade products is placing an onus on the fashion industry to look towards socially and ethically responsible materials and production methods. NOHARM is at the vanguard of this new era and is proud and honoured to introduce an exciting range of high fashion, cruelty-free, vegan footwear for the discerning and ethically responsible consumer.
NOHARM is dedicated to offering stylish, high fashion, vegan footwear able to sit comfortably next to the most exclusive traditional brands in terms of style, character and quality. All NOHARM products are hand-crafted in Italy. NOHARM conducts business with an established Italian manufacturer. NOHARM is strongly opposed to child-labour and worker exploitation. NOHARM is committed to ethically and socially responsible employment practices. All NOHARM footwear has a unique lining designed to dissipate perspiration and drastically reduce odor. All ingredients and components used to manufacture NOHARM footwear are meticulously researched to ensure the finished product conforms to Vegan Society standards: NOHARM is a proud recipient of the Vegan Society Trademark. All NOHARM footwear is  carefully packaged in biodegradable boxes which are printed with environmentally-friendly ink.
The inaugural NOHARM exclusive vegan footwear collection consists of 14 styles, including: i) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up ankle boot easily compares with the most exclusive traditional designer brands. The style is clean and elegant and reflects a smart-casual and sophisticated lifestyle choice. The boot could easily be worn to “dress-up” a pair of jeans or conversely compliment a pair of trousers for a smart-casual event. ii) The NOHARM leather-free slip-on shoe has all the character, style and quality of the most exclusive traditional leather brands. The style is sharp and elegant and will compliment a designer suit or designer trousers within either a social or business environment. iii) The NOHARM leather-free hidden-lace shoe is for the discerning, style-conscious, man seeking an added touch of flair. The contemporary, avant-garde, styling easily compliments both smart-casual and smart-smart social events. iv) The NOHARM leather-free lace-up shoe radiates a clean and sophisticated traditional style. The shoe will compliment a high fashion designer business suit or designer trousers. All 14 styles are available at either or

NOHARM recognises a rapidly growing number of consumers are applying “ethical” behaviour when shopping. Following extensive research, NOHARM is prepared and able to bridge the gap between “high fashion” and “ethical consumerism”. NOHARM’s stylish vegan footwear is the start of a mission to synergise High Fashion and Ethical Consumerism. NOHARM has a unique and exclusive product able to satisfy the demands of this discerning, forward-thinking and rapidly expanding consumer base.