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Miss Sixty jeans + high binky Jeans

Miss Sixty jeans + high binky Jeans Miss Sixty Jeans were producing tight and skinny jeans way before the vast majority of of the so-called premium denim brands on the market today. Miss Sixy was born in 1991 as Energie’s womenswear line and ironically went on to spawn the men’s collection, called simply: Sixty. Although Sixty Jeans never achieved the success of Miss Sixty. The Miss Sixty jeans Spring Summer 2007 Collection includes these ultra slim “high binky” jeans which are clearly unforgiving and will only fit a very slim figure. Don’t squeeze into these unless you’re stick thin or you’re going to look a right pudding!

Miss Sixty Jeans, A Brand with a Heart!

Miss Sixty JeansA truck load of respect and admiration should be delivered to the Miss Sixty brand! Hangtags for Humanity”, a not for profit agency, and Italian fashion brand Miss Sixty present the “Staying Alive Jean” to benefit the MTV Staying Alive Foundation (SAF). The “Staying Alive Jean,” sold exclusively at Miss Sixty stores nationwide, will champion SAF’s efforts to support young people everywhere who are protecting themselves and their communities against the many threats posed by the spread of HIV and AIDS. How impressive it would be if other brands were to follow this admirable lead and create one-off pieces in support of laudable charities; perhaps an Armani T-Shirt in support of Animal Welfare, a Prada tie to help support the fight against poverty, maybe a D&G jacket in support of the fight against child-labour or a Chanel dress to aid the fight against cancer – the potential is virtually endless. The philanthropist in us all would surely be eager to support such a laudable endeavour!

Thanks to Miss Sixty for showing fashion can walk hand-in-hand with compassion.