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Milano Grunge

Milano Grunge

Since Kitmeout coined the phrase “Milano Grunge” in 2006,, labeling the legendary Bob Geldorf as the archetype, the phrase has grown in popularity and has inspired and artistic following like the works by Federica Corbelli and Franzli.

Sir Bod Geldof Fashion – is it Milano Grunge?

Sir Bod Geldof Fashion - is it Milano Grunge?From New York to London, from Paris to Milan, fashionistas are talking about a nascent fashion trend dubbed Milano Grunge.

For those wondering, the ether informs us that Milano Grunge is personified by Sir Bob Geldof; the style is chic, rich and almost aristocratic — yet in a certainly light you could easily confuse it with destitute! Imagine mixing a Paul Smith tailored shirt, a classic pair of Burberry trousers and a pair of Gucci shoes with a carpenter’s battered old jacket or a fisherman’s rough and frayed sweater…. and there you have it, Milano Grunge in its simplest form. Alternatively, it could be a pair of expensive designer jeans, a pair of hot Bapesta sneakers matched with a tatty and torn basic tee from a charity store.

Milano Grunge is a true dichotomy of nature. It’s the style of the wealthy who are partially embarrassed by their success, it’s the style of the humble who have an uncontrollable urge to succeed, it’s the style of a successful business-person and wannabe philanthropist — perhaps ultimately it could be coined as schizo-style; part glamour and part anti-glamour.

If the former Boomtown Rat is the inspiration behind Milano Grunge it probably won’t be too long before we see it in the top High Street stores — now that really would be a contradiction!