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Louis Vuitton Fakes

Louis Vuitton Fakes

‘Louis Vuitton FakesA federal judge in Manhattan awarded Louis Vuitton Malletier SA more than $3.5 million in damages and court fees this month in a trademark-counterfeiting suit Vuitton filed against several New York City businesses and their principals.

Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein ordered defendants LY USA Inc., Coco USA Inc. and Marco Leather Goods Ltd. and their principals, Joyce Chan and Chong Lam, to pay $3 million in statutory damages relating to their sale of handbags that counterfeited and infringed upon Louis Vuitton’s trademarks.

Hellerstein said in his judgment dated Oct. 3 that his goal of deterring similar conduct by the defendants and others.

Louis Vuitton It Bag Battle!

Louis Vuitton Bag Battle! A Manhattan federal judge has ruled in favor of Dooney & Bourke in a four-year trademark battle with Louis Vuitton.

U.S. District Court Judge Shira Scheindlin said Dooney & Bourke’s “It Bag” monogram design did not infringe on Vuitton’s Monograme Multicolore handbag collection.

Louis Vuitton Fakes!

Louis Vuitton Fakes! Following Louis Vuitton’s valiant efforts to combat counterfeiting of their prestigeous brand, Louis Vuitton continues to be the most counterfeited designer brand in the world. As the preeminent fashion status symbol it is perhaps of no great surprise that Louis Vuitton has the unenviable position.

Nevertheless, Louis Vuitton has a tenacious legal team who vigorously pursue all counterfeit criminals wherever they maybe and have a no-nonsense approach to dealing with these individuals, who are invariably engaged in all kinds of base criminality from illegal weapons trading to human trafficking.

“The momentum we are gaining in our relentless fight against counterfeiting is tremendous, not only in the US but also in other marketplaces worldwide,” said Nathalie Moulle Berteaux, Director of the Intellectual Property Department for the Fashion & Leather Goods division of LVMH. “By working closely with law enforcement authorities and other trademark holders and compelling those aiding and abetting counterfeiters to accept responsibility for the counterfeiters’ criminal actions, we are putting a stranglehold on the distribution of fake goods.”

Louis Vuitton Shoes Louis Vuitton Bag Louis Vuitton Fakes

Louis Vuitton Shoes Louis Vuitton Bag Louis Vuitton FakesSo you’re on eBay or down your local street market and you see what is plainly a Louis Vuitton fake bag, tie, pair of shoes, briefcase, scarf, watch, piece of clothing or luggage set. You look at the price and it’s 90 or even 95% lower than the recommended retail price. You look at the Louis Vuitton item again and start to convince yourself that it doesn’t actually look that bad and in a certain light you might even be able to fool your discerning work colleagues and friends. You then tell yourself that buying a counterfeit Louis Vuitton bag won’t really hurt anybody and so what if it impacts Louis Vuitton’s bottom line, they can afford it! Not an unreasonable thought process, most would agree – However…..

…It probably won’t surprise many people to read that counterfeit merchandise, whether in the form of a fake Louis Vuitton bag or a counterfeit Rolex watch or an imitation Burberry scarf or a snide Armani jacket or a copied pair of Gucci shoes or a bent pair of Evisu jeans, is to a large extend orchestrated by violent criminals and terrorists, and isn’t a harmless activity performed by a bunch of loveable rogues as some might have us believe. It’s a documented fact that the vast majority of cash generated though counterfeiting is used to fund heinous crime including Drug proliferation, Human Slave Trade and even International Terrorism. Government and Law Enforcement Agencies across the world are now shifting their attention to the counterfeit trade in an attempt to track down violent crimals and terrorists. It’s becoming more apparent that substantial sums of money are being diverted from the counterfeit trade into the bank accounts of global terror groups — including, ironically, those terror groups opposed to consumerism and Western Ideology.

So perhaps grabbing that ultra-cheap counterfeit Louis Vuitton bag from eBay or down your local street market isn’t so innocuous after all? Ironically, purchasing a copy this icon of Western consumerism might well go to fund a terror group plotting to inflict mass murder in your city. What’s more valuable to you: a fake Louis Vuitton bag or your democratic existence and perhaps even your LIFE?