KATO Jeans from the horse’s mouth. Take a butchers:

Are kato jeans worth the high price? seen some online but not seen them for real yet.

“simple answer is YES…..

but then I work with them!!

the price is sadly high due to the nature of the production and the cost on import, the short looming and the ZIM cotton and double harvest indigo all cost, with less producers on the cotton and the age of the weaver and dyer growing older there are simply higher cost and with the EU new import ‘issues’ with cotton and the higher tax in Japan on the processes..sorry am I boring….it just cost us more to produce a higher quality denim”



“many companies say the use Zim cottons, and most do, but the mass of it is from the Zimbabwe Cotton company, a company own by the government and selling ALL cotton from Zimbabwe, mixed together the many different strains and not paying the full price back to the growers, this is simply wrong, but you can still call it Zim Cotton, even though it’ll be a mix of long and short chain and not all organic.

the good thing about the ‘soil’ or should I say it location is the high above sea level, the chill winds and the clear skies. the raw cotton is strong and clean. if you buy direct you can be sure you money goes where it should. this is sadly not the case right now.

we will stop using Zim cotton after this batch is done and will source else where the same strain or better.

As for a ‘government doesn’t abuse and tyrannise it’s citizens’ I ask you all, now many pairs of nike do you own? or adidas or levi or any big brand for that matter, do you drink coke? do you drink at starbucks? all are using ‘bad’ production systems and damage more people.

there has always been an ‘issue’ with the regain and they will always will be, I’ve been I’ve seen and I’m not happy doing business with it. that said when i worked for much larger companies i saw worse in there factories

so please ‘boycott Zimbabwe cotton’ but keep up the pressure on all of this. As producers it’s our job to listen to our hearts and our customers. “