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Juicy Couture by by Erin Fetherston

Juicy Couture by by Erin Fetherston

Following the removal of founders Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy from Juicy Couture in January, holding company Liz Claiborne Inc. appointed Erin Fetherston to the post of creative consultant, charging her with creating a capsule collection.

“Juicy’s looking to me to be an ambassador,” Fetherston tells WWD. “This is a major opportunity to reinvent Juicy’s perspective on casualwear, to rev it up and make it cool and fashion-forward.”

Apparently, Fetherston says she was inspired by photos of the glamorous Bianca Jagger in the days of Studio 54 as well as photos of herself at this year’s Met Ball, where she wore that yellow velour gown you see above.

Erin Fetherston

Juicy Couture drops Dirty English

Juicy Couture drops Dirty EnglishJuicy Couture is winding down its men’s business, Dirty English, and the last shipment will be for fall. Does the demise of Dirty English substantiate the view that a brand cannot genuinely embrace both genders once they’ve established a reputation for being gender specific? Many men simply refuse to buy Juicy Couture/Dirty English and not because the quality of the garments but because of the overt feminine association. Perhaps there’s a lesson here for the whole fashion industry.

Duran Duran + Juicy Couture

Duran Duran + Juicy Couture So the boys from Duran Duran have teamed up with the most unlikely partners to design the costumes for their Broadway concert debut in New York. How on earth the “big boys” from Duran Duran expect Juicy Couture to design their wardrobe is beyond the imagination of most fashion visionaries. Let’s face it a brand known for designing terry towelling tracksuits for stick-figure girls is hardly the most likely candidate for designing a wardrobe for a bunch of hefty new-romantic geezers. That said, rumour has it that Simon la Bon turned up for his Duran Duran audition wearing a pair of skin tight leopard print track bottoms. Oh yeah, and the fact that John Taylor is married to Juicy Couture co-founder Gela Nash-Taylor might have something to do with it.

John Taylor said: “When putting together the Broadway show of ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ it was only natural that we would turn to Juicy Couture. Due to more than just osmosis; Simon [Le Bon], Nick [Rhodes] and myself have all had a hand in making design suggestions for clothes they would like to wear and seeing their ideas realized. In attacking the costuming of the show we have had a hands-on approach, which is the way we like to work (like the good little renaissance boys we are). ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ requires Maoist utility wear, punk-savant/bohemian and louche satins… all in one evening.”