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Gant by Michael Bastin Spring/Summer 2012 ‘Sunshine Days’ Video

Gant by Michael Bastin

GANT by Michael Bastian spring / summer 2012 New York Fashion Week presentation.

“What I know of Hawaii is from watching the Brady Bunch shows from the seventies,” the designer said at his Gant presentation. “But sometimes your idea of something can be even better than the real thing.” Bastian’s dream combination of Hawaiian fever and seventies love translated into a hippie-dippie version of all-American classics. Even the models were cast with Marcia and Greg in mind. “This collection is about being happy and fun,” Bastian said, grinning ear to ear. “It’s about what you can throw into your bag for a summer weekend and just go.”

Gant by Michael Bastian A/W 2010

Gant by Michael Bastian A/W 2010 at New York Fashion Week

Gant by Michael Bastian A/W 2010 at New York Fashion Week. Gant by Michael Bastian’s show was the timeless marriage of prep and jock. This season, Gant recruited designer Michael Bastian for Gant by Michael Bastian. Viewing the range as the wardrobe of “the younger brother to the Michael Bastian guy”, the designer’s collection was inspired by lacrosse and Gant’s archives.

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