Feiyue SS10 - Frederique Daubal

Feiyue SS10 – New artists join the Feiyue roster

SS10 sees the launch of new limited edition Feiyue collaborations. Complete artistic freedom was given to two creative talents, from the world of graphic design and conceptual fashion. Both designers were encouraged to use any material or colour of their choice in order to bring their interpretation of the Feiyue Lo to life.

Collaborations part 1: FEIYUE X DAUBAL, experimental graphic designer meets heritage sneaker brand.

Multi-tasking French graphic designer Frederique Daubal injects a new, mature dimension into the Feiyue line. Coming from a graphic design background, Frederique also experiments with textile as a three dimensional medium and creates clothes under her name, which incorporate second hand pieces. She has collaborated with numerous brands, including Paul Smith, Nokia and Colette to name a few.

Frederique Daubal

About Feiyue

Originating in Shanghai, the Feiyue sneaker first appeared in the 1920s. This small shoe made of light material that has guided the paths of all social classes in China, has crossed continents, arriving in Europe in 2006, where it was picked up by a team of French enthusiasts, fascinated by sneakers and urban culture.

Losing nothing of its vintage and authentic charm, Feiyue has undergone a series of transformations. With gradual evolution of practices, blending in French and international influences, the brand is now set to conquer the walkways of Western cities.

Considerable work has been conducted on improving quality standards: with a complete revision of the original form and more carefully selected materials, the resulting shoe combines aesthetics with durability. With these modifications complete, the very first collection was launched in France in February 2006. Since then, Feiyue has seen many different varieties and is constantly changing – its name in Chinese pronounced “Fei-ue”, means “Flying Forward”…Innovative models are this constantly appearing sporting new colours and new materials.

Fascinated by urban art, music and travel, the team intuitively follows its day-to-day fancies to enhance the Feiyue range, following no specifications on trends or other preliminary studies. Memories, images, impressions and moods, picked up along their travels, permanently mesh and enhance the brand’s identity. This philosophy of opening up the mind to the world at large and researching new models is a source of inspiration for all the diverse, eclectic creations, of both the shoes themselves and their visual enhancement.