Parallel Imports – a protracted discussion.

One of the most extensive threads on the Kitmeout forum is surrounding the controversial topic of parallel imports. It starts with:

“anyone got any tips on how to parallel import? is there a list of companies in europe that offer parallel imports? do they deliver or do you have to collect? any tips will help?

Yeh there are loads of wholesalers that parallel import. Most offer collection or delivery.”

“You have to purchase in size runs e.g. s, m, l , xl, xxl. If you see things in quantities e.g. 25, 50, 200 they most proabably fake (see it on ebay all the time!). What they do do, is offer a cheaper price for say 20 of the same items which would be 4 of each size. Occasionally you may be able to break a size run – but this tends to ruin the whole process for them.

 You HAVE to provide proof that you are trading or intend to trade (no ebay sellers, market stall sellers, party planners etc).

If your wanting to do it yourself then you need to do alot of travelling to make contacts & source the best deals! Then you got to get into import tax, customs etc, paying countries to export it. Also getting it over here – which I imagine would take along time if not by Air (season would have gone by the time it comes over) so would therefore be expensive. All these costs have to be added on the price, plus you need to make a profit! Would be hard to set it up as a wholesaler (most have been importing since the 80’s) so could do it on a smaller scale – just for your shop.

Forgot one thing when this was being discussed last week – reason it’s done is to offer cheaper products than what is officially offered here in the UK.

So do parallel imports exist in other countries? E.g. do other countries import our brands? I know someone says Aquascutum is very expensive US & Italy. So are there people who import clothes from Britain to their own countries. There can’t be that many are we some of the highest prices in Europe & most proabably the world! “

The whole thread goes on for nearly 500 comments. Worth a butchers if parallel imports are a topic of interest. View here