Evisu Shoes or Evisu Shoos have come a long way!Back in 2001 Kitmeout was the first website to offer Evisu Shoes forsale online. Back then Kitmeout offered a selection of slipper trainers for a mere £39.99 which, considering the quality at that time, was a fair price. Things have changed drastically since those days. Today, the Evisu Shoes, or Evisu Shoos, Collection is deserving of considerable recognition and respect. The superior quality and craftsmanship of Evisu Shoos is unrecognisable compare to the original Evisu Shoos offered on Kitmeout 5 years ago. Evisu Shoos have come a long way!

The luxurious materials, natural colour-ways and classic lifestyle profiles combined with clean and minimalist lines, decorative detail, printed lining and bold branded trims make Evisu Shoos highly desirable and bring them inline with the rest of the Evisu Collection.