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Meltin ’Pot jeans A/W 2013 Collection

The new Meltin ’Pot jeans campaign/look book for the fall winter ‘13 season ahead is a pure celebration of the double-edged side of life. Taking the left instead of the right and seeing life from a different perspective. Meltin’ Pot make denim for real people who share the brand’s passion and who live life to the fullest- where life takes you!

The campaign and look book were shot in Florence by Italian photographers Flavio and Frank, in an off the  wall, bohemian location and play with this asymmetric style, featuring shots positioned at a irregular angles. The models used represent real life fans of Meltin’Pot and bring alive the energy of the brand and its perspective on life. The new collection will be in store from September in fine denim stores internationally.

Denham Jeans AW 2010

Denham Jeans AW 2010

The DENHAM label, launched for Spring 2009, represents Jason Denham’s personal vision and demonstrates his modest but sincere resolve to resist compromise.

The DENHAM HOUSE has opened its doors on the Prinsengracht in the desirable “9 streets” area of Amsterdam. An authentic, naturally beautiful space has been refitted to give shape to the design studio, showrooms and 1st store.

AW10 is inspired by practical utility embodied by the journeyman dockworker, the unique mix of textures and unpretentious approach to layering.

– Highly restrained mix of colour [‘black-and-bruised’]
– Texture contradiction
– Midlayer-Outerlayer Reversals
– Unspoiled Denim, Denham Virgin.

Blue Blood Jeans A/W 08 Collection

Blue Blood Jeans A/W 08 Collection BLUE BLOODS AW08 COLLECTION IS INSPIRED BY THE RESSURGENCE OF VINTAGE CLOTHING/ICONIC pieces that they have rebuilt with the passion of the originals and then delicately modernized and upgraded to suit modern tastes. The full collection is a celebration of classic style and this was inspired by studying a foundation of classic pieces and bringing them back to life. Both the men’s and ladies collections are littered with classic pieces of inspiration from the 50’s/60’s/70’s and 80’s including Military, Industrial Uniforms, Active Sportswear and Denim Archives. Examples include 1960’s Fire Brigade Melton Smocks, 1950’s Officers’ Uniforms, 1980’s Tracksuits and 1970’s 501’s.

COLLABORATION–“BLUE BLOOD & NIGEL CABOURN” :” 10 ICONIC PIECES “ These 10 pieces are the headline for the collection. Together they scoured Nigel’s archive to select the finest Blue Blood complementary pieces thus creating a perfect capsule collection of ’ Winter Classics ‘. The inspiration is global – BRITISH FISH TAIL PARK (1943) – AMERICAN B10 BOMBER (1939) – GERMAN FIELD PANT (1916) -FRENCH FIRST AID JACKET (1942) are just a few examples. The collaboration is completed with a perfect balance of jackets, pants, knitwear and accessories. The complete story is exclusively hand made in England, Scotland and Japan.