Artful Dodger Clothes - Bape Hoody Evisu Jeans hybridIs Artful Dodger a Bape x Evisu hybrid? Are Artful Dodger clothes for people who can’t afford genuine Bape and Evisu? Some fashion commentators have been throwing these suggesting around and some fashionistas have been blindly nodding in agreement.

In reality, Artful Dodger is neither a hybrid nor an economy label. Artful Dodger clothes are highly original and are not immersed in Bape style Hip-Hop Culture but have a genuine and unique flavor of their own: “Artful Dodger is best described as a European, contemporary men’s street wear line. Though urban casual, it’s the opposite of the baggy oversized hip-hop look associated with American street wear.”

The Artful Dodger x Evisu comparison is perhaps even more bogus. Artful Dodger jeans may have extravagant and ornate “oriental” detailing but there is no dominant logo engineered into the design and style-structure as with the Evisu gull-wings. Despite the need for some fashion commentators to pigeon whole and stratify, Artful Dodger is a unique brand — and whether you like the style or not it at least deserves recognition for its originality.