Paul & Shark Shirts have got a lot of chatter on the Kitmeout Fashion Forum over the years. Some would even state Paul & Shark offer the best shirts on the market. Take a butchers at the Paul & Shark Yachting chatter here: Paul & Shark

Here’s one comment:

“I think it is quite hard to find!

I know Selfridges in London stopped stocking it a few years ago. There’s only one or 2 places I know of that stock p&s in London!

The knits are amazing – I got the Football Lovers top a short time ago (although I’m more of a Rugby Lover!) and it is perfectly made!

I suppose it’s the ‘wrong’ season for p&s! I guess their most popular items are knits.

I like this seasons polos/tees but I don’t think p&s can beat Ralph Lauren or Hackett in the polo game!

ADERO : I personally would not compare it to Henri Lloyd/NS. IMO its on another scale to those 2!!”