Here Romeo from so solid crew meets up with DJ Lil Charlie at NIRO in Peterborough. NIRO is the European HQ for RMC, Yoropiko, Sugar Cane and a listed of other top notch brands and is a regular meet for celebs.

Romeo first found fame in the garage group So Solid Crew, having grown up on and around the notorious Surrey Lane, Winstanley and Badric Court estates of Battersea. He subsequently had a solo career. He got his name Romeo due to his smoothness with the ladies.

Romeo released his solo album Solid Love in November 2002, through Relentless records, the label that So Solid had just left for Independiente.

He enjoyed two top 10 singles, “Romeo Dunn” which reached #3 in the UK Singles Chart in 2002, and secondly a duet with Christina Milian, “It’s All Gravy”, which reached #9 in the UK Singles Chart in the same year.

However, only a disappointing 40,000 copies sold of his album, peaking at #46 in the UK Albums Chart. In March 2003, Relentless filed for bankruptcy with debts of £3m.

In 2004 Romeo appeared in the reality show The Games, and returned to the series to compete in the Champion of Champions contest in 2006. Romeo also featured in a gameshow called Fool Around With… Romeo on Channel 4 in 2005, in which he had to guess which girl out of four was single.

Romeo appeared in an episode of Don’t Tell the Bride on BBC Three on 22 September 2009, as the best man for his brother, Darnell Dawkins.

Romeo is currently signed to So Solid’s Lisa Maffia’s record label, Maffia Recordz. A second album, announced for release during 2008, has not yet materialised. In 2009, Romeo and fellow members of So Solid Crew attempted a musical comeback with the single “Since You Went Away”.

Romeo appeared in Celebrity Big Brother 2012 up until his eviction on January 25, 2012 just narrowly missing out on the final. He is father to two daughters. His most famous lyric is ‘2 multiplied by 10 plus 1 Romeo Dunn’