Steven Cox and Daniel Silver of cult menswear label Duckie Brown share their S/S 2012 Collection.

“I’ve been spending a lot of time in London, drinking in pubs,” said Cox, who originally hails from England, backstage. “I’ve been thinking about the Bexleyheath boys (the clan south of the river)” he goes on. Nice one Steve…lol

“Real Bexleyheath boys would probably kick your ass,” Cox said backstage, laughing. Steve obviously doesn’t have a handle on the true inner workings of the london lad hierarchy. Maybe a visit to Bermondsey would put his bonce in gear to reality. But Steve we get your point about painting a picture of fantasy, so hats off to you mate!

“The collection is always about a lot of things. We don’t know where it all comes from. Sometimes it’s just a feeling,” said Silver before adding, “Why, do you want us to make up some story about inspiration for you?”