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September 2011

Armani Jeans | Exclusive styles forsale

Togged is renowned as the leading online outlet for exclusive Armani Jeans. Take a butchers at their new styles in stock now – SHOP HERE

Dirk Bikkembergs | 10 years of football and fashion

Ten years of history and fashion now available on IPAD. Dirk Bikkembergs app focuses on a leading brand in the history of sport couture and gives life to a story with the most significant and evocative images of the collections designed by Belgian designer.

The APP Dirk Bikkembergs looks like the digital version of the book entitled “Dirk Bikkembergs: 10 years of football and fashion” and provides a reading experience even richer and more complete than the traditional one. A true multimedia ebook that enriches the text and photographic sections in the paper book with videos of fashion shows, backstage at photo shoots to return users to the charm of the brand Bikkembergs.

Dirk Bikkembergs | 10 years of football and fashion

LN-CC presents ‘Modern Ninja and the Black Fist’ event

LN-CC presents 'Modern Ninja and the Black Fist' event

Geezers getting dizzy in Dalston.

A short film showcasing the recent event to celebrate the first collaborative collection between Japanese brands SASQUATCHfabrix and The Inoue Brothers and themed installation at Dalston store LN-CC.

The design teams from both SASQUATCHfabrix and The Inoue Brothers made a very rare visit to London to take over a new room at LN-CC for the launch, showcasing a specialist installation designed to house the collection.

The design of this concept installation will evoke an ‘otherworldly’ atmosphere and will reflect the ‘modern ninja and the black fist’ theme throughout.



New Balance Creates NewSky Sneaker From 95% Recycled Plastic Bottles

As part of a greater effort from New Balance to adopt more sustainable practices, newSKY represents an approach towards utilizing recycled materials to create footwear.

The upper of newSKY is made entirely from Eco-fi; a high-quality polyester manufactured from 95% PET plastic bottles. Bottles are chopped into flakes, heated, and molded into fiber, creating a strong, versatile fabric. It takes only about 12 bottles to produce one pound of fiber and only about 8 bottles to create an average pair of newSKY shoes. In addition to the environmental benefits of reusing plastic bottles, it’s Eco-fi’s technical qualities that make it an exceptional textile for footwear.

New Balance

Ksubi ‘BIG IN JAPAN’ exhibition


Entering its third year, the Kirin ‘Big in Japan’ exhibition, created by ksubi announce the event will now be open to a public audience with the contemporary arts and cultural event returning to both Sydney and Melbourne in November 2011.

Ksubi ‘BIG IN JAPAN’ exhibition

2011 Kirin ‘Big in Japan’ Sydney and Melbourne artist line up:

Fuyuki Yamakawa is an ‘avant garde khoomei singer’ and performance/installation artist who works with bare light bulbs, yogic breath, medical equipment, modified musical instruments and the beat of his heart. During his performances he controls his breath and the velocity of his heartbeat and for his climax he momentarily stops his heart all together creating a terrifying sense of suspended time.

Yuko Kaseki is a freelance dancer and choreographer. Her works are based on merging Butoh and western contemporary dance technique to create concise and precise moving theatre. Her performances follow the way of a desperate existence, exposing tragic comedy and revealing a kaleidoscope of stories.

Indie girl band heroes, Kiiiii list Michael Jackson, Rage Against the Machine, Kraft Werk and The Ramones amongst their key influences. Loud, funny and colourful, the self proclaimed “masters of girl magic” are indie rock superstars delivering high energy live shows that excite and amuse.


Onnacodomo’s make believe world appears out of everyday commodities. Taking their inspiration from moments and objects from everyday life, visual unit Onnacodomo use shimmering projections created using water, mirrors and an array of lights, while a world of fantastic images is constructed with found photos, kitchen utensils, toys, stationary and improvised artwork all mixed to music!

OVe-NaXx is an electronic / mash up sound producer based in Osaka Japan. His evolving sound has grown from breakcore, to a mix of electronic sounds, ragga, hip hop beats and synth melodies. OVe-NaXx describes his sound as ‘Japanoise’ mixed with a basic ragga riddim. He’s a bit Dub style, featuring on/off track layers and MCing during his live sets.


Gant by Michael Bastin Spring/Summer 2012 ‘Sunshine Days’ Video

Gant by Michael Bastin

GANT by Michael Bastian spring / summer 2012 New York Fashion Week presentation.

“What I know of Hawaii is from watching the Brady Bunch shows from the seventies,” the designer said at his Gant presentation. “But sometimes your idea of something can be even better than the real thing.” Bastian’s dream combination of Hawaiian fever and seventies love translated into a hippie-dippie version of all-American classics. Even the models were cast with Marcia and Greg in mind. “This collection is about being happy and fun,” Bastian said, grinning ear to ear. “It’s about what you can throw into your bag for a summer weekend and just go.”

RMC Denim Shirts & Jackets

RMC new releases are available now on Togged. Worth a butchers:

RMC Martin Ksohoh Red Monkey Company MKWS mens, washed denim, long sleeve regular fit worker jacket shirt. Washed denim with white stitch trim and soft collar. 2 front shaped pouch pockets. Woven red tab on pocket. Stitched front button placket with logo embossed buttons, single button cuffs with embossed logo buttons. Full back yoke. Straight bottom with turned back single stitched hem. 100% cotton Made in Japan


J. Lindberg Clothing Autumn/Winter 2011

— the making of a campaign

J.Lindeberg was founded 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, with the vision to build an international brand for modern and aware consumers. The company grew quickly and established itself in Scandinavia, North America, Europe and Asia. Today, J.Lindeberg offers progressive Fashion in 30 countries with Flagship Stores in Stockholm, Malmo, Copenhagen, Kizbühel, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Seoul and Osaka.

We are Scandinavian in heart and soul, if not also by birth. Things that we find normal and conventional are often seen by others as exotic and progressive. True to tradition and genuine craftsmanship, yet on the absolute forefront of modern technology – with cutting edge innovations we bring new technology into elegant high fashion.

A Conversation with Nick Wooster

A new, experiential, tailored installation in collaboration with famed fashion director and Internet phenomenon, Nick Wooster. The installation brings to life Nick Wooster’s vision of style and exposes his personal view of where fashion is going and provide insight into the future of retail.

Alden for FrenchTrotters

Alden for FrenchTrotters

FrenchTrotters collaborated with our favorite shoe maker Alden to produce four exclusive styles. Made “expressly for FrenchTrotters” and available in stores and online from October 1st.

Sugar Cane navy herringbone hooded jacket

Sugar Cane mens , regular fit, herringbone full zip flash lightweight jacket with hood. Light original fabric.Half button and half zip front closure with pull cord waist. High neck hood with 2 button front closure and drawstring, adjustable tab on sleeve cuffs. 2 double front patch pockets with flap closure. White stitch trim, anchor embossed buttons. Made in Japan.

peaceBOMB bracelets

Witness the story of peaceBOMB: bracelets made from Vietnam War bombs. Learn about the Laotian artisans who make them and take action. Just by wearing a peaceBOMB bracelet you support artisan livelihoods, raise awareness about the ‘Secret War’ in Laos during Vietnam and the efforts of NGOs advocating to ban the use of cluster munitions. Learn more about products for peace at:

Valentina by Valentino

We don’t usually post perfumes on Kitmeout but we feel we owe Valentino for the recent send ups. So here we go. Take a butchers at the vid:

The fashion house of Valentino launches its new fragrance named Valentina in mid-September 2011. The fragrance, inspired by Rome and Italian flavors, is developed in collaboration with Puig and perfumers Alberto Morillas and Olivier Cresp.

G2000 Clothing Autumn/Winter 2011/12

The G2000 Group was founded in 1980 by Michael Tien, a Harvard Business School graduate, who spent five years working in one of America’s largest department stores before returning to Hong Kong.

The company started as the sole distribution agent for the US-based Brittania jeans and casual wear in the Far East, and subsequently evolved into a full service, vertically integrated apparel marketing company, distributing its own designed and developed products for Asian consumers under its own trademarks.

The label G2000 (originated from the former company name Generation 2000 Limited) was first introduced in 1985, and positioned as a specialty clothing chain distributing both fashionable men’s and ladies’ career wear. In 1986, the Group established a second chain, U2, (or LAB in some countries) which was recognized as a leading retailer for superior value men’s and ladies’ casual wear. UWoman, the third chain run by the Group, is a womenswear line born from the concept for a brand with a more design-driven image. In 2007, the three specialty chains are consolidated into one lifestyle retail chain called G2000 which offers the existing product lines under different labels, namely G2000, G2000 Pink and G2000 blù. At the same time, the Group introduced G2 BLACK LABEL, the new line offering premium modern citywear.

Umbro donations heads to Freetown

The latest from Manchester City in Sierra Leone.

Manchester City have been making inroads into Sierra Leone, a country that is the twelfth-lowest-ranked country on the Human Development Index and eighth-lowest on the Human Poverty Index. City have established a network of supporters groups in the country, and have been working with Umbro to give much-needed soccer equipment to many of these impoverished people.

Tender’s William Krol visits Tenue de Nimes

To celebrate our Tenue de Nimes collaboration with William Krol’s Tender Co. they decided to invite Krol to their denim store in Amsterdam. William was kind enough to tell us everything about his lovely brand and the story behind his ‘Tender’ concept. The video could have lasted for hours. The British denim professor, who learned the basics at Evisu in Japan, is literally a living denim encyclopedia. They at Tenue de Nîmes believe his brand, and more importantly, his products personify a refreshing, contemporary view on heritage denim. Tender Co. stepped away from traditional 5-pocket vintage denim. And although every single jean somehow reminds us of early 1900’s denim his signature is unique, refreshing and unlike any denim product they have ever seen. Enjoy the show.

Rowley SPV Commercial

Vans Geoff Rowley SPV Commercial

Directed by Greg Hunt –

Filmed by:
Greg Hunt
Thomas Campbell
Ewan Bowman
Scott Soens

Music by:
Piers Baron

Oliver Spencer Clothing Spring/Summer 2012

Here we take a butchers at Oliver Spencer’s S/S 2012 Collection. Looks pucker as we’d expect!

Oliver Spencer is a man and a fashion brand. Oli, the man, is a designer, a self-taught tailor, a switched-on, hands-on creative. The brand is an expression of modern man; his tastes, his touch, his style.

Oli’s inspiration

Oli draws inspiration from hunting and the military. He adapts bits of Americana and ideas from Japan into his cool, English aesthetic. He admires Sandy Powell, costume designer for the Martin Scorsese movies Gangs of New York and The Aviator, as much as any fashion designer.
Oliver Spencer has grown up in its seven years, adopted by the world’s best shops. Oli took a standalone New York shop for Oliver Spencer in 2006, in partnership with top U.S. retailer Odin. In 2008, he opened the doors of a second shop, in London, and introduced his womenswear collection.

A modern British brand
There is no escaping the fact that Oliver Spencer is a modern British brand. More than half the line is made in the UK. Oliver Spencer clothes are worn by music icons, from The Rolling Stones to Paul Weller and The Doves, and by movie stars from Orlando Bloom to Benicio Del Toro.

Hugo Boss apology for Nazi past

Hugo Boss apology for Nazi past as book is published

The German fashion firm Hugo Boss has apologised for its maltreatment of forced workers during World War II when it supplied the Nazis with uniforms.

“It is clear that Hugo F Boss did not only join the party because it led to contracts for uniform production, but also because he was a follower of National Socialism,” wrote the author, Roman Koester, an economic historian at the Bundeswehr (English: German army) University in Munich.

Mr Koester notes that Boss tried to improve conditions in 1944, a year before the war ended, by asking to house his workers himself, and attempting to improve their food situation.

“We can only repeat that the behaviour towards the forced labourers was at times harsh and involved coercion, but that concern for their welfare was also displayed, rendering simplistic characterisations impossible,” he writes.

The company said on its website it wished to “express its profound regret to those who suffered harm or hardship at the factory run by Hugo Ferdinand Boss under National Socialist rule”.

After the war Boss was tried and fined for his involvement in Nazi structures.

Hugo Boss apology for Nazi past

Australia fashion label Vanguard

“The older you get, the more rules they are going to try and get you to follow… just gotta keep on livin man…L-I-V-I-N.”

L.I.V.I.N Campaign Film launches the latest campaign from Australia fashion label Vanguard. Shot in Byron Bay and the surrounding hills by Chris Proud and Riley Blakeway, the film features Vanguard’s team of surfers and models enjoying the Australian Summer the best way possible….without a care in the world….L-I-V-I-N.

Geox and Patrick Cox Shoes Collection

Patrick Cox, the old boy Cordwainers College graduate, is apparently coming back. Cox who was educated at Cordwainers College in Hackney has had a bumpy time of late so let’s hope this is the start of a revival for the bloke! He’s always worth a butchers.


For SS12, Italian footwear brand Geox is partnering with Canadian shoe designer Patrick Cox. The two will create a capsule collection mixing sportswear with an urban chic feel. The new shoe collection will be launched during the Micam footwear fair in Milan.

The collaboration between Geox and Patrick Cox is ongoing and they will create collections for both men and women. On the new partnership Cox commented: “I want to create pieces that are casual in spirit and reflect London’s cool urban vibe building on GEOX’s exceptional and innovative shoemaking technology.”

Cox is known for his Wannabe loafer, which was a huge commercial success. Geox was inspired by the British gentlemen with an urban twist, and found its companion in Cox for the collection of 18 styles for men, and 20 for women. The shoes are made of soft leathers and come in a variety of colours, which will be available in UK, Italy, France, US and Asia.

West Hollywood becomes first city to ban sale of fur

West Hollywood becomes first city to ban sale of fur

Who said Hollywood is full of vacuous, self-obsessed, ignoramuses, who could no more empathise with the victimised than they could take their eyes of their bathroom mirror. Well…

Residents and businesses spoke out after the city of West Hollywood voted unanimously to approve an ordinance that would ban the sale of fur.

City staff must refine the ordinance to include the date of implementation and the amount of civil penalties before it can receive final approval, which could come in two weeks.

The ban — the first of its kind in the nation — would prohibit the sales of fur clothing but leather goods, furniture, and fur decorated accessories are okay.


The Vans DQM General

Vans & DQM joined forces to create The Vans DQM General store in SoHo. To celebrate the opening of the store Suicidal Tendencies performed at the House of Vans, while Ray Barbee and the Mattson 2 played at the store.

The Vans DQM General from Off The Wall TV on Vimeo.

The Vans DQM General
93 Grand Street
New York, NY 10013


British Jeans Industry Revival?

Paradoxically, Cardigan is a town in Wales historically known for making jeans but those days are long gone, or have they? Here we go:

“In Hollywood, it’s hard to find a waiter who is not going to be an actor,” says David Hieatt, a clothing entrepreneur who plans to set up shop in the centuries-old town. “In Cardigan, it’s equally as hard to find someone who hasn’t made jeans.” Hieatt wants Cardigan’s craftspeople to make jeans again and hopes to get his venture off the ground soon.


Sugar Cane brown vintage wash Jeans & Shirt

Sugar Cane brown vintage wash Jeans & Shirt

Looking for something unique and rockin’? Take a butchers at this Sugar Cane combo of brown vintage denim jeans, shirt and jacket!!! Available at Togged

JACKET: vintage cut workwear brown denim button front jacket/overshirt. 8oz brown denim 1910s era model. Heavy fading and staining to give realistic vintage workwear finish. Distinctive shaped left chest pocket for pocket watch, flap closure right chest pocket, additional inner chest patch pocket. Steel embossed logo buttons throughout. Straight bottom with split side seams. Key points reinforced with rivets. Original printed material logo patch. Made in Japan.

SHIRT: vintage cut workwear brown denim button front jacket/overshirt. 8oz brown denim 1910s era model. Heavy fading and staining to give realistic vintage workwear finish. Distinctive shaped left chest pocket for pocket watch, flap closure right chest pocket, additional inner chest patch pocket. Steel embossed logo buttons throughout. Straight bottom with split side seams. Key points reinforced with rivets. Original printed material logo patch. Made in Japan.

JEANS: vintage cut workwear brown denim jeans. 8oz brown denim, 10s model with one peice fly, distinctive high split back and cinch back detail. Heavy fading and staining to give realistic vintage workwear finish. Additional distinctive material tool pocket on thigh. Large material belt loops with logo buttons. Five pocket, button-fly, copper rivets. Steel embossed logo buttons. Original printed material logo patch on waistband. Made in Japan.

Mulberry Clothing S/S 2012. Battle of the British Berrys

Mulberry Clothing S/S 2012. Battle of the British Berrys

Mulberry continues to ride on the coattails of Burberry’s global surge with a back to Blackpool extravaganza. We’re fans of the “British Berrys” here at Kitmeout, so why not take a butchers at the movie. Nice!

The collection was inspired by the “neon-festooned lights at Blackpool” creative director Emma Hill said after the show. “I was looking at pictures of when I was growing up in the Seventies and holidays meant sitting on the beach with a cagoule on. It’s still very rooted in outerwear and she’s still very Mulberry and that English girl.”

“She is a bit vamped up and a bit sexier – she’s a posh pier girl,” she described, pointing out in particular the embellished pieces – a skirt, a jewel-encrusted hoody and bomber, the more runway pieces.