UNIQLO will introduce its All-Product Recycling Initiative at its stores in the US, UK and France starting September 1, 2011. UNIQLO began its Fleece Recycling Campaign in Japan in September 2001 as part of its corporate social responsibility activities. In 2006, the project was expanded to include all UNIQLO products and titled the All-Product Recycling Initiative. Global expansion was the next step, as UNIQLO introduced the project in South Korea in March 2011.

UNIQLO Recycled Clothing initiative

As of July 2011 UNIQLO has collected more than 11,510,000 articles of clothing since launching the All-Product Recycling Initiative in 2006. UNIQLO aims to eventually introduce this project in every country of operation. UNIQLO will also continue to work with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and other Organizations, so it can continue to donate clothing from its customers and pass on their goodwill to refugee camps and others in need.

UNIQLO Recycling

All-Product Recycling Initiative:

The scope of the All-Product Recycling Initiative will expand on September 1, 2011 to include UNIQLO stores in the US, UK and France. As in Japan, clothing collected at UNIQLO’s US stores will be donated to refugee and IDP camps through the cooperation of the UNHCR.
The All-Product Recycling Initiative will kickoff in the US at the UNIQLO Soho location at 546 Broadway on September 1, 2011 then will spread to the two new store locations as they open at Fifth Avenue and 5 Street and finally to the 34th Street between 5ty and 6th Avenue locations. At the Soho location customers will be able to donate their used UNIQLO items at one of the three cash wrap locations where an official UNIQLO All-Product Recycling box will3rd be located. Stay tuned for more information as this important corporate initiative evolves.

Collection period: Year-round
Collection locations: All UNIQLO US Locations starting with 546 Broadway in Soho
Valid items: Any products sold in UNIQLO stores

1. Wet, damp or soiled clothing will not be accepted
2. Please wash items before recycling