Chipkos today announces the release of a one-of-a-kind pair of sandals, hand-painted by renowned Los Angeles artist, David Palmer. At $18,000 a pair, this collector’s piece is priced as the world’s most expensive flip flop. With its purchase, Chipkos will protect 100,000 square feet of endangered rain forest land.

This piece represents a unique opportunity for one philanthropist to support a major initiative to conserve the rain forest. In tandem, Chipkos presents their newest line of Indian-inspired, eco-friendly sandals. For each pair of sandals purchased, Chipkos will protect one hundred square feet of the rain forest.

Chipkos sandals are a throwback to the Osho slippers from the Sixties ashram scene of India. Unconventionally “square”, the sandal design boldly breaks the norms, challenging the standard round-shaped flop and serving as a reminder of the company’s square feet protection campaign and mantra, “Stand For Square Feet”. Various colors and prints for men and women are available through the Chipkos online store at

Chipkos has been overwhelmed by the positive response from social media fans, sales and the blogosphere. “We believe that people are ready for a wearable badge to express their support for nature conservation,” says former math teacher and Chipkos’ Chief Nature Ambassador, Priya Jaggia.

“Like adding land to Yosemite, each sandal purchase expands a Costa Rican national park by one hundred square feet, thereby protecting the habitat, species and resources within that land area in perpetuity,” explains Norm Gershenz, Executive Director of SaveNature.Org.

Chipkos – Stand for Square Feet.