Paul Smith exposes Counterfeit Clothing

Following the endless debates and articles on Kitmeout over the past decade concerning counterfeit clothing:

Paul Smith provides the following guidance:

Counterfeiting is big business. Paul Smith is a registered trademark of Paul Smith Group Holdings Limited in many countries of the world. Use of that trade mark without consent is likely to constitute infringement. Paul Smith Group Holdings Limited will take all necessary steps to protect its trade mark rights.

Counterfeiting is an enormous problem and we are doing all we can to help contain it. Many people do not understand the global ramifications of counterfeiting, or what they are really buying when purchasing counterfeit goods. The impact on the economy is tremendous.

The manufactures of counterfeit goods do not pay their employees, fair wages or benefits, have poor working conditions and some even use child labour.

Counterfeiters do not pay taxes meaning less money for schools and hospitals etc. They are hardened criminals, exploiting consumers, businesses both large and small and children working in sweat shops in third world countries.

When you purchase a fake product, you become part of the cycle of counterfeiting and your money directly supports these things.

Paul Smith is extremely dedicated to helping fight the increasing volumes of counterfeit goods, we have a legal team who monitor counterfeit goods and when possible, counterfeiters will have legal action taken against them.