Spring Summer 2011 look book for ROYAL HEM

The new Royal Hem collection for Spring Summer 2011 is inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein: Brushstroke Still Life with VII “(1996), a work that the designer has perceived as the perfect representation of a conjunction between refinement and naturalness, ranging from brilliant to dusty shades, and a play on geometric shapes and micro designs.

The Royal Hem collection is essentially the transposition of these themes from canvas to actual wearable garments. The result is a line of unique artisan pieces “Made in Italy” that complement, innovate and renovate the wardrobe of a Royal Hem man: from the dyed satin smoking jacket, to the jackets in ultra-lightweight wool and starched silk, to the blazers in gabardine and linen characterized by minimal patterns such as micro houndstooth, bird’s eye and striped patterns in perfect “LICHTENSTEIN STYLE”. This kind of stylistic rigor had and continues to distinguish Royal Hem’s signature pieces, an example of which is tamed by brushstrokes and splashes of color creating a unique and exclusive piece.


As in the painting, the colors used range from dusty shades of blue, to sand and gray, tones that saturate to reach colors such as china blue, dove gray, brown and finally absolute black. To complete the array of proposed colors, institutional shade of red and sage green also feature.

To compliment and complete the collection a capsule line featuring a a handful of pieces was created using innovative dyeing techniques such: ice, super-vintage and art dyes, and glucose washes. The stylistic evolution towards ever lighter and softer garments is clearly evident: the jackets, cornerstones of the Marche based Italian Maison, are emptied and deconstructed, the fit becoming even slimmer to the point of becoming an exclusive “shirt-jacket”. In addition the collection also boasts some selected trench coats, blazers and picots complemented by exclusive t-shirts, shirts and denim trousers.