Giorgio Armani Men’s Collection Fall/Winter 2011-2012

To mix and remix: this key approach that defines so much of contemporary culture is at the heart of this collection. It’s an eclectic process that draws on and reinterprets the classic world of Giorgio Armani. ??The presence of the colour grey is important and a determining factor for Autumn/Winter 2011-12, and is expressed in a wide range of nuances…masculine and sophisticated!

?From suits to shoes, from belts to silk printed shirts, flannel transforms and is reinterpreted, giving birth to a mix of innovative impressions.??This is never more apparent and clearly stated than in the outfit that opens the show: a beautifully designed and weighty overcoat, teamed with a flannel suit/tracksuit, a shirt in jersey and a tie.

?This fusion of contrasting elements, achieving a well judged balance between the elegant and the casual, combines a clear cut logical code of dress with a total commitment to progressive and contemporary couture for men.