LAB and LIFE, the two faces of Stone Island.

LAB is the incessant and continuous research into materials and treatments. The result of its never ending vocation to daring experimentation.

LIFE is its lending experience and perception. Strong aesthetics providing status to its wearer. A recognisable and impactful transversal sportswear for everyday use.

These two cores have been merged into a single idea to create the Spring Summer _011 collection. References and inspiration taken from the various environments have been carefully investigated in order to create useful functions and details. Ocean Navigation, the Navy and Uniforms have been rewritten with a modern, urban vocabulary.

The treatments modify the aspect of materials and as always make the difference. The fabrics come to life and gain body, matte or shiny qualities, depth, shading. Special dyes have been used to achieve metallic highlights that recreate the appearance of the bodywork of latest generation sports cars. Iridescent surfaces have been achieved by laminating them with nylon monofilament mesh. Two-tone effects have been created printing and plating techniques. Modern technology has revitalised fabrics from the historic archive.