Josh Stone x Jones Apparel

R&B musician Joss Stone is taking what she’s learned on the road and using it to create footwear.

Stone has teamed with Jones Apparel Group Inc. to design a tall boot (the Stone, for $209) and an ankle style (the Osojoss, $149) for the Nine West Vintage America collection, set to hit stores next month. Stone described the shoes as versatile and able to go from a casual afternoon to a night on the town.

“Creative ideas are always flowing through my mind, and I’ve sketched all sorts of shoe designs for years just for fun,” said Stone. “We used my tattoos as the inspiration to get our creativity flowing. The design details and hidden touches add a very [playful] element to the footwear.”

Outside the footwear realm, Stone will tour in Europe later this year with Solomon Burke, and the sometimes-actress also is starring in a James Bond video game. Then, just for fun, she’s planning to climb a mountain in the Himalayas. Via WWD

Josh Stone