Band of Outsiders’ Scott Sternberg in Being There, by The Little Squares

Scott Sternberg of Band Of Outsiders is commonly considered as one of today’s top emerging menswear designers. In this video, he shares some thoughts about the new set of imagery and emotion he builds for the brand and the fairly humorous way he approaches fashion, including his known love for Lego. This movie story was directed by credited editor Debra Scherer and inspired by Hal Ashby’s classic Being There, starring Peter Sellers.

Band of Outsiders was formed in January 2004 in Los Angeles, California by Scott Sternberg. The core collection of re-interpreted American menswear classics sells in over 65 boutiques around the world. Boy by Band of Outsiders is the first in an ever-growing series of micro brands from Band of Outsiders. Launched in July 2007, Boy takes its cues from traditional men’s tailoring and fabrics, offering a full collection of button-down shirts, shrunken blazers, waistcoats, overcoats, sweaters, and trousers, all re-examined and re-invented for women. Like its brother-brand, each of Boy’s tailored pieces are hand-made by the craftspeople at Martin Greenfield Clothiers, a 100 year-old tailoring factory in Brooklyn, New York. Infusing this type of craftsmanship and tradition into women swear is a key tenant the Boy concept.