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Vegan Footwear by NOHARM A/W 2011

Vegan Footwear by NOHARM A/W 2011

The original vegan footwear brand, NOHARM, has released the first phase of their Autumn Winter 2010/2011 Collection. The brand has not disappointed with a collection of brogues and wingtip shoes and boots hand-crafted in Italy.


The look is sharp and elegant and will compliment a suit, trousers or jeans in either a social or business environment. These stylish and ethically responsible shoes are hand-crafted in Italy (NOHARM is strongly opposed to child-labour and worker exploitation).


The unique lining is designed to dissipate perspiration and drastically reduce odor. All ingredients and components used to manufacture NOHARM footwear are meticulously researched to ensure the finished product conforms to Vegan Society standards. NOHARM is a proud recipient of the Vegan Society Trademark. All shoes are carefully packaged in biodegradable boxes which are printed with environmentally-friendly ink.

Ehtical Footwear by NOHARM

All styles available at

Band Of Outsiders Being There Video

Band of Outsiders’ Scott Sternberg in Being There, by The Little Squares

Scott Sternberg of Band Of Outsiders is commonly considered as one of today’s top emerging menswear designers. In this video, he shares some thoughts about the new set of imagery and emotion he builds for the brand and the fairly humorous way he approaches fashion, including his known love for Lego. This movie story was directed by credited editor Debra Scherer and inspired by Hal Ashby’s classic Being There, starring Peter Sellers.

Band of Outsiders was formed in January 2004 in Los Angeles, California by Scott Sternberg. The core collection of re-interpreted American menswear classics sells in over 65 boutiques around the world. Boy by Band of Outsiders is the first in an ever-growing series of micro brands from Band of Outsiders. Launched in July 2007, Boy takes its cues from traditional men’s tailoring and fabrics, offering a full collection of button-down shirts, shrunken blazers, waistcoats, overcoats, sweaters, and trousers, all re-examined and re-invented for women. Like its brother-brand, each of Boy’s tailored pieces are hand-made by the craftspeople at Martin Greenfield Clothiers, a 100 year-old tailoring factory in Brooklyn, New York. Infusing this type of craftsmanship and tradition into women swear is a key tenant the Boy concept.

Georgia May Jagger Goes Commando for Hudson Jeans

Georgia May Jagger, who’s been the face of Hudson Jeans for two seasons, appears in a very sexy, very underwear-less new video for the label, titled “Lips.” The ad spends the majority of its airtime zoomed in on Jagger’s electric-red mouth, which, to be fair, is pretty fascinating. First of all, there’s her lipstick — a glossy, orange-y scarlet hue that refuses to budge despite extensive pouting and cigarette-sucking. Then there’s the slight gap in her bright-white teeth: Braces may be optional, but tooth bleaching is not (nor, apparently, is mascara — clumps be damned). And finally, she mouths some words! Is it a secret? Not quite “I love you,” but it looks close … oh wait, she’s saying, “Hello Mario” to the video’s director, Mario Sorrenti. Well, if you were hoping for something more scandalous, you can satisfy yourself with the part where Jagger and shirtless male model Josh Beech breathe heavily all over each other, or when Jagger very slowly unzips her fly to reveal … nothing.




AARON PAUL – Winner of Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series for “Breaking Bad”
wore a custom-tailored black notch lapel tuxedo, shirt, bowtie and shoes all by Burberry

BRYAN CRANSTON – Winner of Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series for “Breaking Bad”
wore a custom-tailored black notch lapel tuxedo, shirt, tie and shoes all by Burberry

CONNIE BRITTON – Nominated for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series for “Friday Night Lights”
wore a custom-made petrol blue sequin strapless gown by Burberry

JAYMA MAYS – Actress in the Emmy nominated series “Glee”
wore a custom-made dark sapphire blue chiffon ruched ribbon gown by Burberry

JAYMA MAYS, HUGH DANCY dressed by Burberry

KEVIN MCHALE -Actor in the Emmy nominated series “Glee”
wore a custom-tailored black notch lapel tuxedo, shirt and shoes by Burberry

RAINN WILSON – Actor in the Emmy nominated series “The Office”
wore a custom-tailored ink colour notch lapel tuxedo, shirt and shoes by Burberry

BEN SILVERMAN – Executive Producer of the Emmy nominated series “The Office”
wore a custom-tailored black notch lapel tuxedo, shirt and shoes by Burberry

wore a custom-tailored ink colour notch lapel tuxedo, shirt and shoes by Burberry

HUGH DANCY dressed by Burberry

Oxxford Clothes Presents: ‘A Tradition of Tailoring’ Video

Jacob and Louis Weinberg founded Oxxford Clothes in 1916 with a mission to create the standard for comparison in the field of men’s tailored clothing. The Weinberg’s determination was that no possible fineness in craftsmanship or material shall be overlooked in the achievement of their purpose. Today, this remains our mission.

The dedication, commitment and determination that Oxxford brings to our tailoring intensifies the unique character that Oxxford owners experience. The unmistakable feel of the clothing is what has our loyal clientele reciting “nothing quite feels like an Oxxford”.

Since 1916 America’s leading men have worn Oxxford Clothes for their elegance and character. Early on gentlemen such as Clark Gable, Cary Grant, Walt Disney and Joe DiMaggio have chosen Oxxford. Today, Oxxford’s client roster reads like a who’s who of America’s titans of industry.

Oxxford Clothes are unapproachable by mass production methods and are esteemed by gentlemen who demand both luxury and endurance in any object they possess. Like all objects of fine character, they endure long and gracefully.

Today, men can turn with full confidence to the Oxxford Clothes institution which stands firm and immovable in its purpose, to make clothes of the Highest Quality.



The RMC Red Monkey store in NYC is coming soon! That’s all we know. There’ been a lot of speculation of where and when and we hope to have details soon.

In 2002, Martin began working with engineered cotton harvested from a farm in china. The unique yellow fibre creates a very special hand feel and colour shade when woven and dyed with the indigo rope dying method. As demonstrated by the institute lepine in paris more than a decade ago, this cotton fibre allowed new processing methods to be done that were not harmful to the environment and also introduced a raw denim that retained the characteristics of rawness on the outside while the inner surface is plush, smooth and unlike any other raw jeans found in the market place.

Prada – Fantasy Lookbook Autum Winter 2010

Prada – Fantasy Lookbook Autum Winter 2010

Prada – Fantasy Lookbook Autum Winter 2010.

Prada has become synonymous with high-end fashion and stellar quality, as it continues to roll out cutting-edge apparel for men and women. Originating as a leather-goods company, Prada is now one of the world’s most famous and profitable high-end clothing labels.

Prada Coats

Prada became a household name in the 1990s. When Miuccia inherited the company, sales were at $400,000. By 2000, sales were estimated to be at $1.55 billion.

Prada Jackets

Madonna’s MiuMiu

Madonna's MiuMiu

Mad Madge keeps going…

While the fashion pack have been talking of the new Miu Miu ad and video, the Prada-owned brand has revealed Madonna as the secret weapon behind the stunning campaign.

According to Instyle Magazine, the AW10 campaign features Miu Miu’s embellished shift dresses and colour-pop accessories with a new breed of models who dance around a light flooded set to the sounds of some heavy bass.The models were taught the moves by Madonna, who inadvertently also got behind the camera.

The models featured in the ad are Siri Tollerød, Lindsey Wixson, Ginta Lapina, and Daphne Groeneveld. Ginta told Love magazine: ‘We were supposed to shoot a video, so Madonna said she wanted to direct it. They said she could do it but they weren’t going to pay her and she started laughing. She put on her iPod and taught us moves and we shot the video for two hours.

Fake Trainers – The NY Times

Fake Trainers - The NY Times

The NY Times recently ran a story on the difference between real and fake Nike shoes. They followed Lin, a factory manager, who was not authorized to make Nikes and studied his counterfeit shoe process.

A shopkeeper in Italy placed an order with a Chinese sneaker factory in Putian for 3,000 pairs of white Nike Tiempo indoor soccer shoes. It was early February, and the shopkeeper wanted the Tiempos pronto. Neither he nor Lin, the factory manager, were authorized to make Nikes. They would have no blueprints or instructions to follow. But Lin didn’t mind. He was used to working from scratch. A week later, Lin, who asked that I only use his first name, received a pair of authentic Tiempos, took them apart, studied their stitching and molding, drew up his own design and oversaw the production of 3,000 Nike clones. A month later, he shipped the shoes to Italy. “He’ll order more when there’s none left,” Lin told me recently, with confidence. Click Here to read full story.

Vegan Shoes by NOHARM A/W 2010

Vegan Shoes by NOHARM A/W 2010

NOHARM the original ethical brand has provided a sneek peek of their 2010 Autumn/Winter collection due for release in September. The vegan brogues are hand-crafted in Italy and easily compare to the leather styles of Gucci, Tod’s and Ferragamo collections.

Started in 2004, NOHARM has established itself as the ultimate ethical footwear brand and all styles are registered with the Vegan Society.

Vegan Brogues

Ethical Fashion Show 2010

Ethical Fashion Show 2010

Showcasing ethical fashion brands in prêt-a-porter, sportswear, couture adult and child creations, the 7th edition of Ethical Fashion Show is taking place from 25-28th September. The event will take place at Cité de la mode et du Design Quai in Paris. Dedicated to both professionals and the public, the salon for ethical fashion is expecting over 3000 visitors and 100 exhibitors. Over 100 exhibitors across the globe are expected at the meeting place for professionals and designers including Veja, Les Fées, Ombre Claire, Ethos Paris, Terra Plana, Susan Wagner to name but a few.

A varied programme will give visitors an overview of the new trends in ethical fashion and offer catwalk shows, workshops, photo exhibitions and specialist seminars. There will be two discussions where facilitators will examine the compatibility between new textile technologies and the sustainable management and use of vegetable dyes. One will discuss the challenge of vegetable colours, and the other will investigate if textile innovation is unequivocally compatible with the principles of sustainable management.

Further more, three international fashion shows will be staged during the day including Antukal and Alpaca Samka ethics made in Chile; various ethical fashion from Peru; and Grassroots from India.

RMC IPHONE 3g/3gs Aluminum Case

RMC IPHONE 3g/3gs Aluminum Case

RMC IPHONE 3g/3gs Aluminum Case.

The RMC IPHONE 3g/3gs Aluminum Case already dropped in SELEVEN GALLERY, there are two colors GOLD / SILVER, with the wave pattern and “u never try u never know” & ” RMC MARTIN KSOHOH” on the case. Inside with the protection to reduce the power of smashing.

Red Monkey Case

Natasha Poly by Terry Richardson fro Vogue Paris

Natasha Poly by Terry Richardson fro Vogue Paris

Jamie Dornan by Terry Richardson in Corps d’Elite for Vogue Paris.

In the September edition of Vogue Paris, Natasha Poly puts Jamie Dornan through his paces. Terry Richardson, of course is stuck on the lens.

Natasha Poly was born on July 12, 1985 in Perm, Russia and began modeling locally in 2000. After winning a model search competition in Moscow, she made her runway debut, walking for Emanuel Ungaro in 2004. The year would prove to be her breakout year; she walked in 54 fashion shows in cities like Milan, Paris, and New York City,and graced the cover of Parisian Vogue twice consecutively.

Natasha Poly

Portland Fashion Week Open Call for Models on Aug 29th

Portland Fashion Week Open Call for Models on Aug 29th

On Sunday August 29, 2010, open calls will be held for female and male models to participate in the runway shows of Portland Fashion Week October 6-10, 2010.

DoubleTree Hotel
Exhibit Hall
1000 NE Multnomah Street
Portland, OR 97232

Sunday August 29
12:00 – 2:00 PM (AGENCY MODELS ONLY)

Minimum 5’8 – 6’0
Dress Sizes 0-6

5’10 – 6’2
Waist 28-32
Jacket Sizes Up to 42L

AGENCY MODELS: $50 per Calendar Show Date
Booking for any one or more show dates includes mandatory participation in
Rehearsal Sunday September 19th 1:00 – 3:00 pm
Group Fitting Session Sunday October 3rd 1:00 – 4:30 pm

MODELS can indicate their availability for any given dates and be assigned to shows accordingly. While it is welcome, THERE IS NO REQUIREMENT FOR PFW MODELS TO BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL PORTLAND FASHION WEEK SHOW DATES.

Models should be flexible about making themselves available for individual fittings if necessary, particularly for out of town designers who might not arrive in Portland in time for the group fitting session on October 3rd. PFW’s house photography sponsor for 2010 is New York’s world-renown Fashion Wire Press who distributes world-class runway images to editors and publications around the globe.

Portland Fashion Week appreciates the hard work and dedication of its models, and the modest compensation structure of this community project, staffed and organized by volunteers, is enhanced by both local, national, and international placement and exposure un-equaled in North American fashion weeks outside of New York City.

New Balance for DSW Collection

New Balance for DSW Collection

The sneakers in the New Balance for DSW Collection have a rich metallic upper which provides lightweight comfort. They also feature a TPU banding detail in the forefoot, giving the shoes a unique feminine flair, and a translucent polished sole unit that adds a glossy pop.

Designed for both men and women, New Balance footwear features the finest construction and quality. Ranging from all-time classic favorites to reinvented modern silhouettes, each Lifestyle shoe features innovative materials and technologies that keep the New Balance brand as relevant and sought after today as it was 100 years ago. Celebrating heritage, craftsmanship, innovation and imagination, New Balance Lifestyle fuses classic designs from the past with bold ideas from the future.

Emma Watson – Organic Clothing

Emma Watson - Organic Clothing

Following the lead set by the NOHARM brand, British actress Emma Watson, known for her role as Hermione in Harry Potter and more recently as the face of Burberry, will present her first organic clothing line in early September. The Evening Standard says the launch will take place at an eco-garden party organised by Prince Charles.

Once the 20 year old worked for Tree People, designing their autumn-winter collection People Tree, she was inspired to create her own line, said fair trade brand’s creative consultant.

During the event at Clarence House, the Prince of Wales’ official residence, a preview of the actress’ Spring-summer designs will be presented.

Emma will not be present herself at the presentation as she continues with her University studies in the States but says she is “very excited” to be participating in the event, held from 8-19 September.

“A Garden Party To Make A Difference” is an initiative from the Prince’s Charities Foundation to promote eco-living and environmentally friendly products through music, readings and art installations.

Gwyneth Paltrow x Jay-Z

Gwyneth Paltrow x Jay-Z

Actress and lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow, her husband Chris Martin and children Apple and Moses were spotted hanging out with family friend Jay-Z at a beach party held by supermodel Christy Turlington and husband Ed Burns in the Hamptons. Gwyneth looked very naturally chic in a blue knit sweater, baggy jeans and Ugg boots, while sporting no make-up and a great tan.


Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is an ensemble band led by Alex Ebert, vocalist of the power pop group Ima Robot. Their first full-length recording, Up from Below, was released July 7, 2009, digitally and July 14, 2009, physically on Community Records. Their first show as a full band was played July 18, 2007, at the Troubadour in West Hollywood, California.

Their song “Home” was voted number 15 on the Australian Triple J Hottest 100, 2009 countdown, the largest music poll in the world, and has also been featured in a trailer for Cyrus.

Their song “Janglin” was featured in a television ad for the 2011 Ford Fiesta.

Josh Stone x Jones Apparel

Josh Stone x Jones Apparel

R&B musician Joss Stone is taking what she’s learned on the road and using it to create footwear.

Stone has teamed with Jones Apparel Group Inc. to design a tall boot (the Stone, for $209) and an ankle style (the Osojoss, $149) for the Nine West Vintage America collection, set to hit stores next month. Stone described the shoes as versatile and able to go from a casual afternoon to a night on the town.

“Creative ideas are always flowing through my mind, and I’ve sketched all sorts of shoe designs for years just for fun,” said Stone. “We used my tattoos as the inspiration to get our creativity flowing. The design details and hidden touches add a very [playful] element to the footwear.”

Outside the footwear realm, Stone will tour in Europe later this year with Solomon Burke, and the sometimes-actress also is starring in a James Bond video game. Then, just for fun, she’s planning to climb a mountain in the Himalayas. Via WWD

Josh Stone

FIVE by Rio Ferdinand S/S 2011

FIVE by Rio Ferdinand S/S 2011

The new SS11 collection from FIVE by Rio Ferdinand has further drawn on the signature styles that proved so popular in the Autumn Winter collection. Once again this collection provides a range of footwear that caters for all occasions of the contemporary man’s busy lifestyle.

The range continues to draw inspiration from Rio’s own style, classic yet sophisticated with an urban twist. The nude palette of colours such as biscuit, sand and taupe are prominent within the collection. These neutral tones create a classically understated yet versatile range that work for all ages and occasions whilst the denim pieces add a youthful urban twist to the range.

Tan and sand oiled Oxford brogues with contrasting suede panels add a sleek feel whilst the granite and biscuit round toe brogues with horizontal stitch detailing add a more contemporary casual feel, both of which draw inspiration from Rio Ferdinand’s own clean cut style.

Rio Ferdinand

High leg desert military style lace up boots are once again a key signature piece within the SS11 collection and firmly stamp a masculine statement on the range whilst the denim finish with contrasting paneling creates a youthful urban edginess. The attention to detail within the design can be seen in the frayed canvas detailing, aged effect leather and laser etching effects.

Both hi top and low top trainers in earthy hues with thick rubber soles with the signature FIVE logo are a key feature within the range. The sneaker shoes within the collection create a synonymous tie with the famous sportsman behind the brand – Rio Ferdinand.

The classically styled and casually aspirated pieces create a range of footwear that can be worn to all occasions and demonstrate Rio Ferdinand’s input into the designs and his commitment to building the brand for the long-term.

FIVE by Rio Ferdinand Clothing

Sugarcane-derived packaging

Sugarcane-derived packaging

The Procter & Gamble Company (P&G) plans to pilot the use of renewable sugarcane-derived plastic on selected packaging for its Pantene Pro-V, COVERGIRL and Max Factor brands, starting in 2011. The sustainable packaging also is 100 percent recyclable in existing municipal recycling facilities.

P&G says the sugarcane-derived plastic is a significant development in sustainable packaging because it is made from a renewable resource. The company explains that the new material is made in a process that transforms sugarcane into high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, a type commonly used for product packaging.

P&G plans to source the plastic from Braskem SA, which manufactures the material using ethanol made from sustainably-grown Brazilian sugarcane. The pilot will be rolled out globally over the next two years, with the first products expected to be on the shelf in 2011.

In 2007, P&G replaced all of its liquid detergents portfolio in North America, which included brands such as Tide, Gain, Cheer, Era and Dreft, with double-strength laundry detergents in packages that were half the regular size, using at least 22 percent less packaging.

In May, P&G launched a sustainability scorecard and rating process to measure the environmental performance of its key suppliers. The new scorecard will assess P&G suppliers’ environmental footprint by measuring energy use, water use, waste disposal and greenhouse gas emissions on a year-to-year basis.

Burberry Parka A/W 2010

Burberry Parka A/W 2010


Introducing the Burberry Brit Fishtail Parka. A timeless, iconic classic updated for AW10. The Fishtail Parka was first developed by the military in 1951 to protect soldiers from the elements and during the 1960’s in the UK the fishtail parka became a symbol of the mod subculture. Due to their practicality, affordibility and availability from army surplus shops, the parka noted as the ideal garment for fending off the elements when on a scooter.

The fishtail parka has stood the test of time through simplicity of design, versatility and functionality coupled with protective qualities. For AW10 the Burberry Brit Hooded Fishtail Parka comes in waxed cotton, with epaulettes, a concealed zip and button placket and two magnetic flap closures.

Burberry Parka Coat

Perry Ellis Launches Project Beach to Aid Oil Spill Recovery

Perry Ellis Launches Project Beach to Aid Oil Spill Recovery

Perry Ellis, the classic American sportswear brand, is acting to clean up the Gulf oil spill with an initiative that encompasses the fashion runways of New York and the laptops and mobile devices of consumers nation-wide.

Called Project Beach, the initiative aims to raise awareness and funds for the recovery from the largest oil spill in American history by tapping Perry Ellis’ advertising, social media networks and upcoming fashion show. The brand has partnered with National Wildlife Federation (NWF) for the effort, which will support the organization’s crucial Gulf Coast oil spill programs.

“The coast has always been home for the Perry Ellis brand. Whether winter or summer, our creative team takes inspiration from the beach, and as a Miami-based company, we appreciate life on the coast every day. We’ve also used the beach as a backdrop for our ad campaigns for decades,” said Brett Dean, chief marketing officer of Perry Ellis International.

“It’s difficult to watch this disaster and not feel compelled to help. With this initiative, we have an opportunity to reach out to our customers and fans to help National Wildlife Federation toward a long-term solution for the Gulf Coast.”

Perry Ellis is developing a number of programs for Project Beach, which could generate up to $25,000 for NWF. The initiative will launch on Monday, August 9th with a Facebook fundraiser, where users can prompt a donation to NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund by “liking” Perry Ellis. For each of the first 10,000 new “likes,” Perry Ellis will donate $1 to NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund.

Perry Ellis’ September 13 fashion show at New York’s Lincoln Center will recognize NWF’s Gulf Coast restoration work. In addition, Project Beach will become a significant component of the brand’s upcoming events and advertising campaigns, with Perry Ellis heading to the Gulf Coast in coming months to shoot its Spring 2011 campaign—a first for the company.

“The work to restore the coastal habitats that sustain wildlife and people is just beginning,” said Meri-Margaret Deoudes, senior director of corporate relations and special events for National Wildlife Federation. “We are most grateful for the Perry Ellis Project Beach campaign, to help support National Wildlife Federation’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund.”

NWF’s Gulf Oil Spill Restoration Fund is designed to support short- and long-term volunteer teams, restoration of nesting and breeding grounds and public education about the oil spill and its impact on wildlife.

Sasha Pieterese at the LBJC Showroom

Sasha Pieterese at the LBJC Showroom

Sasha Pieterese spent the morning at the LBJC Showroom and gave us the latest on PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, nominated for 3 Teen Choice Awards!!!

She looked fabulous in her new Women’s Sunset Beach GGG Denim, Women’s Capistrano Beach Double White Stitch Bootcut Denim, Women’s Hermosa Beach Engineered Denim, Women’s Laguna Beach BBB Denim, Women’s Sunset Beach Double Pink Hand Stitch Embroidered Denim.

John Richmond Autumn 2010

John Richmond Autumn 2010

Jon Kortajarena for John Richmond Autumn 2010 Campaign

John Richmond was born in Manchester and later moved to London, where he completed his studies at Kingston University in 1982. He immediately created a collection under his own name, and soon emerged as a leading exponent of the British avant-garde. The current collections are organised in two lines: the first line “John Richmond”, and the diffusion line “RICHMOND” containing both a prêt a porter and denim range.

In 1995, John contacted Italian entrepreneur Saverio Moschillo with the possibility of expansion abroad. That year they solidified their firm friendship and began a professional partnership. Through Saverio Moschillo John was able to produce his collections at Falber Confezioni based in Forli, and use Moschillo’s global distribution network with showrooms across the world. The high quality of Falber’s production, the strength of the Moschillo showroom and staff, and above all the mutual respect and trust between the two partners are the key to the brand’s success.

Kate Moss for Vogue UK

Kate Moss for Vogue UK

Kate Moss for Vogue UK September 2010 by Patrick Demarchelier

Marking her thirtieth British Vogue cover, supermodel Kate Moss takes over the September issue of Vogue UK in her typically irreverant style. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Moss does her thing. Definitely worth a closer butchers.

Katherine Ann Moss (born 16 January 1974) known as Kate Moss. She has appeared on over 300 magazine covers. She is known for her waifish figure, uncommonly short height for a fashion model, and appearances in many advertising campaigns. She is also notorious for her high-profile relationships and party lifestyle.

Moss was born in Addiscombe, Croydon, London to Linda Rosina (Shepherd), a barmaid, and Peter Edward Moss, a travel agent. Kate has a younger brother named Mick and a half-sister and half-brother. Moss’s parents divorced when she was 13. She attended Ridgeway Primary School and Riddlesdown High School in Purley. She was not particularly noted for her academic success, although she did excel at sports. According to Fred Vermorel’s Addicted to Love: Kate Moss, “Out of eight GCSEs she scraped through with one C (in Science) and all the rest were Ds, Es and Fs”

Sexy Kate Moss

SLVDR Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Preview

SLVDR Spring/Summer 2011 Collection Preview

Born in California and influenced by the world, SLVDR creates high quality, well considered designs.

The SLVDR aesthetic is deeply rooted in timeless design and attention to detail. The casual Southern California lifestyle of growing up at the beach, mountains, and empty backyard pools combined with inspiration from travels around the world mix together to form the inspiration for design. Attainable luxury summarizes the brand direction in that SLVDR provides premium materials and finishes in an obtainable product.



Farah is celebrating their 90th anniversary with ‘1920’ – a capsule collection that revives the company’s remarkable back catalog

08.03.2010 – To celebrate 90 years as a clothing manufacturer, Farah has created ‘1920’ – a new premium capsule collection that revives the company’s remarkable back catalog.

Founded in 1920 in El Paso, Texas, Farah has an astonishing history. Starting with its first product, the chambray shirt, Farah developed into a garment manufacturer producing workwear for millions of Americans and uniforms for the US Military. Post-War Farah became a rival to the denim giants in jeans-making, and helped fuel casual clothing culture in America and the world. By the 1970s, Farah was an international name in clothing manufacture.

The new ‘1920’ line distills Farah’s heritage into an extraordinary capsule collection comprising of: chambray workshirts, wool/cotton undershirts, army chinos, pea coats, duffel coats, CPO shirts (rugged shirt-jackets), work jackets, selvage denim jeans, hand-knit zip cardigans, slim-cut twill pants, slim-cut oxford button-downs and polo shirts.

Each piece is key in the Farah archive, dating from the 1920s through to the 1960s. Materials and details are faithful to the original pieces, creating an authentic testimonial to the incredible heritage of this iconic manufacturer.

Meticulous detail has been put into the packaging and labeling of the ‘1920’ collection. Original paper-dyed labels go into 1920s chambray shirts, branded “El Paso, Texas”. Army-specification chinos and pea coats carry military department cotton labels marked with model numbers used by American servicemen of the 1940s. The famous button-down shirts, slim cut twill pants and polo shirts from the 1960s Mod-era all bear flat-sealed labels – signing off the collection.

These exquisite vintage reproductions are strictly limited edition: 90 of each design will be available in stores from September 2010.

Farah Clothes

Dirk Bikkembergs chic Sweat Pants

Dirk Bikkembergs chic Sweat Pants

Is Dirk looking to be the man’s version of Juicy Couture?

Dirk Bikkembergs to merge style and comfort with his Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture line. The Antwerp-based designer proposes Sweat Pants for Autumn 2010, a smart and comfortable option that makes for a versatile look.

Since they were first introduced, the Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture Sweat Pants have been set the benchmark for comfortable couture elegance. The luxurious jersey material combines with a true couture cut to make for an exceptional elegant look and feel.

For the Autumn 2010 / Winter 2011, season, Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture allows its man to play with his look by combining Sweat Pants with elegant evening jackets, as well as luxury knitwear and leather overcoats or jackets. Time and again, this results in exquisite silhouettes that stress masculine beauty without compromising comfort.

Bikkemberg Trousers

Jessica Stam by Terry Richardson for Aldo

Jessica Stam by Terry Richardson

Aldo Autumn 2010 Campaign Preview. Jessica Stam by Terry Richardson.

Stam won the Los Angeles Model Look Search in 2002. Photographer Steven Meisel jump-started her career and soon after cast her in every advertisement campaign of his.[citation needed] “I guess I’m his muse”, she has said.[1] She has appeared on the cover of UK & German Vogue and in advertisements for Marc Jacobs, Anna Sui, Giorgio Armani, Vera Wang, Valentino, Miu Miu, Gucci, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace and Holt Renfrew, Dior, BCBG Max Azria, Lanvin, Shiatzy Chen, Roberto Cavalli, Bulgari, H&M and DKNY. In 2004, Stam appeared in the short film Agent Orange. She was once sued by New York Model Management in 2004, because of a breach of contract.

Fashion designer Marc Jacobs created The Marc Jacobs Stam, a bag inspired by and named after her. For the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in 2006 she opened the fourth runway theme “Pink”. The appearance also included a featurette showing a Victoria’s Secret commercial shoot and what a model sees when walking the runway. In the January 2006, she appeared in the Rochas ad campaign, shot and directed by Bruno Aveillan.

Jessica Stam modeling for Michael Kors, February 2008.

For Spring 2006 Ready-to-Wear, Stam walked a total of 64 shows combined during the New York, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks. During Paris’s Spring/Summer 2007 Haute Couture fashion week she walked for Chanel, Christian Lacroix, Christian Dior, Givenchy, and Jean Paul Gaultier. In the May 2007 issue of American Vogue she was featured on the cover with fellow models: Doutzen Kroes, Caroline Trentini, Raquel Zimmermann, Sasha Pivovarova, Agyness Deyn, Coco Rocha, Hilary Rhoda, Chanel Iman, and Lily Donaldson as the new crop of supermodels.

In July 2007, earning at an estimated total of $1.5 million in the past 12 months, Forbes named her fifteenth in the list of the World’s 15 Top-Earning Supermodels. Currently she stars in campaigns for Bulgari, Dior, Lanvin and Escada. She also appears in the F/W 2007 Christian Dior, DKNY, Miss Sixty, Loewe and Roberto Cavalli ad campaign. She has also walked in the 2006 and 2007 Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. For F/W 08 Stam can be seen in ads for Giorgio Armani “Onde” fragrance, Dolce & Gabbana and Bulgari. She has appeared in an advertisement for the Ricci Ricci fragrance by Nina Ricci.

In 2009 she returns as the face of Bulgari and in March she appears on the cover of Tokyo Numéro.

She has been included in the group of models considered “doll faces”, alongside Gemma Ward, Vlada Roslyakova, Lily Cole, Caroline Trentini, Lisa Cant, Devon Aoki, and Heather Marks.

She appeared on the inaugural cover of Vogue Turkey, launched March 2010.