Edwin Jeans supports One Percenters
Edwin Jeans is one of the main sponsors of the One Percenters. Their generous support will provide a comprehensive list of desperately needed equipment to schools in India.

Whats this all about? A Race across India in a superbly unsuitable 3 wheel Rickshaw. We will travel over 2000 miles from tropical south to Himalayan north in just 14 days.

The Machine? Indian manufactured, powered by 7 lame horses, this beast will reach 34 mph in perfect conditions- ie. downhill, unblemished tarmac, favourable wind- but this is India! Loud, uncomfortable, prone to breaking down and completely useless at protecting you. Perfect!

The Risks? Yes. There is no safety team, no back up mechanics, no assurances. Racers have been hit by buses, rolled their rickshaws, chased by men with sticks, and many end in hospital. No road signs, no rules, dodgy stomachs, and tigers.

Why? To raise heaps of cash for amazing charities! We, the One Percenters, pay for all our travel and costs. So EVERY single penny you donate goes directly to the charities.

Who? Dylan O’Shea & Simon Devine are the One Percenters

How to Donate? We are raising for three charities. £500 for Frank Water Projects who provide clean sustainable water in India another £500 for Mercy Corps who provide disater relief to places like Haiti. Please click on the Just Giving links to the right to donate to these important charities.

Our third and primary charity is Education For All -these guys (headed up by Si) rescue and recycle school equipment destined for landfill in the UK and arrange it to be sent to equip schools in developing countries.

BIG GIVERS so far are EDWIN Jeans – thanks for your support guys! Everyone should buy Edwin Jeans today – trust us they fit gooood! Edwin’s generosity will fund more than one container of equipment that will kit out a school of 500-700 pupils. Superb!