PRPS Jeans - African cotton, Japanese denim?A product with purpose – African cotton, Japanese denim

At Prps, authenticity is our first priority.
Each item in the collection is conceived with a specific purpose and function in mind. Before fashion, Prps is designed to be worn and utilized.
Prps uses African cotton combined with expert Japanese construction to create what we believe to be the finest product available.

The quality of the cotton used to make Prps products is an extremely important factor in creating perfect fabrics and determining the value of our garments. We found the finest organic cotton in the African continent, where there are the perfect climatic conditions for growing the strong, resilient, pure cotton that we utilize. Prps’ presence in these countries creates myriad positive humanitarian effects that advance our workers’ quality of life and furthers our mission of purpose.

Bruised never broken – our jean that evolves with you

Jean enthusiasts regard the distressing and aging process with utmost importance. That is why we put some of our styles through a very aggressive aging process, and the end results are as natural and authentic as possible. Every stain, nick and prick or abrasion is painstakingly produced by hand, to replicate real wear and age. No two pairs of Prps jeans are alike. Our time tested classic pieces transcend fads. We stand behind the quality and longevity of each jean. While they may be bruised they will never be broken