Pringle of Scotland - 195 Collaborations

Pringle of Scotland is taking an artistic turn this spring. The label is set to partner with London’s Serpentine Gallery to commission a group of artists to create works inspired by Pringle’s heritage — taking items such as Pringle’s twin sets or its argyle pattern as a starting point — to celebrate the label’s 195th anniversary. Mary-Adair Macaire, Pringle’s chief executive officer, will together with Julia Peyton-Jones, director of the Serpentine, and Hans Ulrich Obrist, co-director of the gallery, reveal which artists the label will collaborate with on Jan. 14. The project, called 195 Collaborations, will have the artists each produce 195 editions of the new works they create for Pringle. The works will launch during February’s London Fashion Week, and a series of events and retail projects are also planned for the project’s launch.