New Balance’s 574 Ceracom sneaker
New Balance 574 Ceracom

Legendary Ceracom material on the outside. New technology on the inside.

Since its inception, the 574 has been one of New Balance’s most tried and true silhouettes, sought after for its comfort and effortless style. Designed to family with the well-known 576, the 574 remains the iconic New Balance sneaker.

Ceracom, a rubber-like synthetic material, was used in the original construction of the 574 (as the primary material on the upper) and has been brought back with the re-issued 574 for spring 2010. The Ceracom material’s practicality, that is, Ceracom helped shoes stay cleaner and last longer, coupled with the sensibilities of the 574’s comfort and aesthetic created the phenomenon that the 574 is today.