Phil Goss & Ijin always insist on one thing ”every denim item does its duty”.Okay , so Admiral Horatio Nelson said something similar in 1805 at the onset of the Battle of Trafalgar , but one element remains clear here , to do things well we have to perform at our utmost best.

Denim is a beautiful cloth.We know this.And jeans are a religion. We know this too. But what makes jeans even more beautiful are the sum of it’s components & the jeansmaking recipe you cook up. One major factor applied in the indigo kitchen is the industrial jewellry you dress denim with. And we are talking about nailing cloths together here. In the Ijin handcrafting workshop we insist that ”nailing” the denim is as important as sewing it.

Here we see the customized Ijin copper rivet nails in all their resplendent ”red” beauty.


They will discolour & tarnish when worn, but at source they look like red gold. No ordinary ”pin” , these are double standard solid cast ,real copper nails ( not alloy or dipped ) & they will break the thicknesses of denim at stress points to such an extent that tufts of cloth are pushed out of the top cap.To the untrained eye this is unnoticeable, but to the connossieur this is a pedigree second to nothing else that we are talking premium item.

Using a grey-blue selvedge cloth adds authenticity to heritage denim Ijin pieces, but not before choosing an un-singed or ”hairy” denim , which is semi-finished rather than flat finished & leaves a fledgling flannel effect on the surface.

This leave absolutely no doubts that your are holding denim with a duty to uphold the standard…