Lacoste Save the Croc, Save Your Logo
Lacoste will spend $500,000 over the next three years to help preserve endangered crocodiles.

Lacoste was talked into the scheme by the people at the Global Environment Facility, the World Bank, and the International Union for Conservation of Nature who run the “Save Your Logo Initiative.” Lacoste is the first fashion company to sign on:

“We hope to be able to give back to our iconic crocodile — to whom we owe so much — a small part of what he has brought us,” [Lacoste president Michael] Lacoste said. “Seventy-five years ago, we were the first company to embroider a logo on apparel, and now we are the first company to support ‘Save Your Logo.’”

Much of Lacoste’s efforts will concentrate on the Gange gharial crocodile, of which only 1,400 are estimated to remain in the wild.

Save Your Logo says more than 300 large global brands use animals or plants threatened by dwindling biodiversity in their logos. And so it falls on Vineyard Vines to save the whales. You know anyone wealthy and foolish enough to buy these can afford it.