Halle Berry in All Saints' Dress

Halle Berry looks London chic in All Saints’ Orcus Dress that is made of 100% twisted cotton dress with long skinny sleeves and a twisted stripe slim body. It features an extreme cowl neck detail and external seams. Garment is designed to distort and each dress is unique.

And the best part about it, you can get Halle Berry’s exact look for only $150 at All Saint’s shop-in-shop at 59th street Bloomingdale’s in New York City and at its first stand-alone store on Robertson in Los Angeles.

Founded in 1994 at the vanguard of cool Britannia, All Saints quickly gained a reputation as the menswear destination for rock inspired design.

The Autumn 1998/Winter 1999 season saw the first womenswear collection and a move on from masculine and directional tailoring to a softer vintage-inspired aesthetic.