<br /> Tod's Beverly Hills

Tod’s transformed its Beverly Hills boutique into an Italian garden Wednesday afternoon to celebrate its new tome “Italian Touch.” Hosts Debra Messing, Brooke Davenport, Alexandra Kimball, Crystal Lourd, Jamie Tisch and Jeanne Yang brought their kids along to shop, plant mini herb gardens and sit for portraits by Roxanne Lowit. “Everyone’s going to have the same Christmas card this year,” said Tisch.

Messing, who is the newest ambassador for YouthAIDS (a portion of the afternoon’s proceeds benefited the charity), said, “Italians have exquisite taste, celebrate everything that’s beautiful, and they’re also very practical. Tod’s bags last forever.”

A good thing considering the junior contingent, whose fingers were sticky with cupcake icing and milk shakes. “We actually made the drink straws narrower to limit their liquid intake,” said a Tod’s staffer.