Paul Smith showcases Robert Clarke

Paul Smith is proud to present “British Birds and Dogs” an exhibition showcasing the work of Robert Clarke, who specializes in painting birds and more recently dogs. Below Robert describes in his own words why it is that he enjoys painting birds and dogs.

“My love of birds generally comes from years of playing golf with my Dad and him telling me what those birds were in the hedges and on the course. I’m now almost able to match his knowledge and spotted a long – tailed tit which he ummmed and arrrrred about.
The dogs are a different kettle of fish….On stablizers riding through Wardown Park aged 3 , I was knocked from my bike by a massive German Shepherd called Timber . This beast then straddled me and barked, for what at the time seemed a minute or two, drool slobbering over me before my Grandad pulled him off. The dog had no owner and roamed the park like ferrel animal. I should have known better …I disliked dog’s from then on….well big dogs anyway.

Then in 2002 I got a little Jack Russell called Bill and went to a puppy club, I was passing around all types of hounds…Bassett, Pit bull (called Nike),poodles and the likes. I saw dogs in a different light… That really is why I like painting and drawing them both”

Birds and Dogs
3rd – 19th November
Paul Smith “Globe”
Terminal 5 Departure Lounge