DND Denim Development

DND Denim Development is a casual urban collection with a touch of street. This line contains pants, tops,outerwear and accessories in a commercial price level. The collection is designed with the passion for creating new and innovative clothing with a commercial touch.

True Vintage by DND is the Primium denim line, where the love for denim shows in new and innovative designs. Always working with new and high quality fabrics within the latest denim development. DND is showing 4 collections a year + small express collections.

DND is a new upcoming fashion & denim brand which started out in Copenhagen in 2003. Today the company is located in Kolding.

DND would like to point out the “BUDDHA” jeans from the True Vintage collection, which is a great example of our constructed and engineered denim. This has a unique and conspicuous fitting. The BUDDHA jeans is showing a new direction in terms of creating new shapes and silhouettes within denim.