Is Georgia May Jagger the next Stella McCartney?Is Georgia May Jagger the next Stella McCartney?

“I’m always inspired by my family — they’re very creative people,” says Georgia May Jagger, 17, who inherited her mother’s tumbling blonde locks and her father’s pout. “But I have my own take on stuff. I think I’ll go down my own road.”

For the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, that means juggling interests in fashion design and sculpture with her emerging modeling career while attending the British equivalent of high school in London. It also means customizing her clothes — “I’ll turn an old Primark T-shirt into a dress” — standing in as a backup singer for her boyfriend Django James’ band and taking pictures of “women in funny outfits” for her photography classes.

Nor is Jagger averse to the perks of having a rock-star dad and model mom. “My mum had a big clear-out, and she gave me all her slinky dresses from the Seventies,” she says, adding that elder sister Lizzie had already nabbed their father’s velvet jumpsuits from the era. Jagger says with a laugh that they’re all the same size: “I can wear them whenever I want.” No fashion novice, Jagger has worn Vivienne Westwood since childhood, when, as a self-professed “loudmouthed little kid,” she demanded the designer make her a version of one of her mother’s custom dresses. “I was upset that my mum and sister had got one and I hadn’t,” she says.

Hall also has offered plenty of pointers. “She always says, ‘Be nice to everyone, even if you don’t like it. Just be nice and gracious,’” says Jagger. “And ‘Don’t show your bum.’”

Jagger has no plans to follow in her father’s footsteps, her on-stage appearances with James notwithstanding. “I wanted to go to Django’s first gig. The only way I could get in was to say I was in the band,” she admits, recounting how she got around the Los Angeles club’s over-21 policy. Otherwise, she says, her musical aspirations amount to nothing more than “singing in the shower.” WWD