Marc Jacobs bag x peSetaALL CITY VS LEE COOPER and JONNY FU – City Escapades

Pop Up store and exhibition

July 24th- August 9th

37 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2 9H

Open every day 10am – 7pm

All City is proud to present City Escapades, a collaborative exhibition with the fictional character created by renowned UK based artist Ronzo Jonny Fu and British denim brand Lee Cooper. On this occasion, the East London Art Collective goes West, taking residence in an amazing space at the heart of Covent Garden. They have created both a stunning pop up store and ephemeral exhibition space.

The space will feature the launch of the collectives’ first series of 6 limited artist’s T-shirts alongside one-off artworks and prints. Also for the first time on British soil, the release of Jonny Fu’s plush toy, the 12” flute-playing kung fu master, who comes in a gigantic take-away noodle box. The space will play host to a light-box installation as well as a life-sized Jonny Fu delivery man.

All City’s pieces will also include Lee Cooper jeans screen printed by the art collective. Highlights of the private view will include the live customization of dozens of pairs of jeans.

Expect an impressive and eclectic decorum made out of the raw underground urban inspired universe of All City and Jonny Fu’s edgy irony.


Lee Cooper

The Fine English Denim Company. Since 1908

Lee Cooper was founded in Britain in 1908 by Morris Coop

Please do not split ‘Lee’ from ‘Cooper’. The name ‘Lee Cooper’ must appear on the same line to avoid misunderstanding.

The Lee Cooper brand was founded in England in 1908 by Morris Cooper and bills itself as “The Fine English Denim Company Since 1908.” Lee Cooper Limited is a designer, distributor, and marketer of branded jeans, clothing, accessories, and footwear. Nearly 100-years old, it is the third leading brand of jeans in France and in the UK and the second leading brand in Belgium. Lee Cooper, headquartered in London, has a worldwide presence through its extensive licensee network with operations in over 70 countries. Lee Cooper’s use of XFIT LYCRA ® means that Lee Cooper jeans are the best fitting jeans in the world. For more information, please access

All City

Founded as a collaborative project in 2007 by StolenSpace founder and illustrator Owen Phillips and photographer Dav Stewart, the ALLCITY collective is an outlet for creative projects. Over the past year, ALLCITY has gathered recognition as a prolific design collective, gaining commissions from Dazed&Confused, The Guardian, Faesthetic, Candy Collective Magazine and Passenger Records. The collective has also exhibited work in Saatchi & Saatchi and StolenSpace, and collaborated with photographer Fats Shariff.

The aim of the ALLCITY brand is to push creative work in new directions by combining different mediums and skills and working with people across a wide variety of professions. The final outcome of a brief is never pre-determined; ALLCITY acts as a platform for creative freedom. With many exciting new projects planned, including the exclusive release of 6 limited edition t-shirts and a collaboration bike with Genesis, the ranks are already expanding, including the addition of set designer Jo Lee and typographer Victoria Walmsley.

ALLCITY grew from a philosophy of exploration and experimentation,drawing inspiration from many sources, including border and youth cultures. Equally comfortable working for large organisations, ALLCITY also sees self-initiated work as a vital role, constantly realising ideas and learning new techniques. ALLCITY products are currently available in selected stockists in London as well as online at ALLCITY is a group of people that enjoy working together and achieving more.

Power in numbers


Jonny Fu

Jonny Fu: The Legend of FU

‘For the love of all humans, animals and plants’

The Jonny Fu story remains shrouded in mystery. The legend has it that Jonny Fu’s early life was far from ordinary. Some say he lived as highly skilled mercenary in the depths of a South East Asian jungle. While others still believe that Jonny was contracted as fearsome assassin by a highly organised organisation. Some even think he runs a little takeaway restaurant in the outskirts of Tokyo. Only those who hear of his hauntingly beautiful flute play, understand the legend that is FU!

Jonny Fu is an character art project by renowned UK based artist Ronzo. Jonny Fu and his world manifest themselves in installations, short animation films, 3 dimensional characters, illustrations and wall paintings.

So far Jonny Fu has been featured in art books, press, internet and has

been broadcasted on TV.