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July 2009

Lee Cooper unveiled a collaborative project

Lee Cooper unveiled a collaborative projectLee Cooper unveiled a collaborative project at a busy private view yesterday Thursday July 23rd in the heart of London’s Seven Dials WC2. The British denim brand teamed up with East London urban art collective All City and renowned artist Ronzo and his fictional character Jonny Fu on the launch of a unique pop up space and exhibition entitled City Escapades.

The opening was attended by a diverse mix of edgy bloggers, stylists and trend setters, who were welcomed by an endless flow of cocktails and beer. Bigger than Barry residents Chesus & Rodski played sets throughout the evening, providing suitably fitting beats for what was a visual extravaganza.

The involvement of Lee Cooper– although remaining faithful to its musical and artistic roots – sees the brand exploring a more underground territory. “Collaborating with All City and Ronzo was a fantastic opportunity for Lee Cooper to discover the world of street art. It gives Lee Cooper an occasion to reach a wider edgier online community” says Audrey Beylemans, Head of Marketing at Lee Cooper.

A dozen pairs of Lee Cooper jeans were pre-customized by All City, and played an integral part of the exhibition. The jeans depicted urban landscapes and graphics, printed in All City’s signature style. The limited capsule collectionis now available for press shoots upon request, following which the customized jeans will then be offered to the public through competitions organized with key press titles.

Hot off the press … A second event is set to take place in the pop up store – watch this space for more news and surprises!

City Escapades Pop Up space

24th July – 9th August 2009, open daily from 11 am to 7pm.

37 Endell Street Covent Garden WC2

Paul Smith at Summer Sonic 09

Paul Smith at Summer Sonic 09To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Summer Sonic, the biggest music festival in Japan, Paul Smith is having an exhibition in the Paul Smith Box Gallery, Tokyo showcasing 10 years of the festival’s posters and t.shirts. The exhibition starts on the 10th July and will run till the 9th August.

Paul Smith Jeans has been an official sponsor of the festival since 2003. The actual festival takes pleace 7th – 9th August and is split between Tokyo and Osaka.

Is Georgia May Jagger the next Stella McCartney?

Is Georgia May Jagger the next Stella McCartney?Is Georgia May Jagger the next Stella McCartney?

“I’m always inspired by my family — they’re very creative people,” says Georgia May Jagger, 17, who inherited her mother’s tumbling blonde locks and her father’s pout. “But I have my own take on stuff. I think I’ll go down my own road.”

For the youngest daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, that means juggling interests in fashion design and sculpture with her emerging modeling career while attending the British equivalent of high school in London. It also means customizing her clothes — “I’ll turn an old Primark T-shirt into a dress” — standing in as a backup singer for her boyfriend Django James’ band and taking pictures of “women in funny outfits” for her photography classes.

Nor is Jagger averse to the perks of having a rock-star dad and model mom. “My mum had a big clear-out, and she gave me all her slinky dresses from the Seventies,” she says, adding that elder sister Lizzie had already nabbed their father’s velvet jumpsuits from the era. Jagger says with a laugh that they’re all the same size: “I can wear them whenever I want.” No fashion novice, Jagger has worn Vivienne Westwood since childhood, when, as a self-professed “loudmouthed little kid,” she demanded the designer make her a version of one of her mother’s custom dresses. “I was upset that my mum and sister had got one and I hadn’t,” she says.

Hall also has offered plenty of pointers. “She always says, ‘Be nice to everyone, even if you don’t like it. Just be nice and gracious,’” says Jagger. “And ‘Don’t show your bum.’”

Jagger has no plans to follow in her father’s footsteps, her on-stage appearances with James notwithstanding. “I wanted to go to Django’s first gig. The only way I could get in was to say I was in the band,” she admits, recounting how she got around the Los Angeles club’s over-21 policy. Otherwise, she says, her musical aspirations amount to nothing more than “singing in the shower.” WWD

Burberry suit, shirt & tie

Burberry suit, shirt & tieAustralian actor Eric Bana wore a Burberry suit, shirt and tie to the premiere of his new film Funny People, in Los Angeles, California, yesterday evening.

Burberry has a rich heritage in providing sartorial menswear dating from its foundation in 1856, and we have a great selection of Hollywood leading men wearing Burberry on the red carpet to support this menswear focus. Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson wear Burberry to the Marley and Me Premiere.

Bureberry suit, shirt & tie

PF Flyers’ Astor Hi-top

PF Flyers’ Astor Hi-topPF Flyers’ Astor Hi-top, coming out this Fall 2009!

New for fall 2009, the Astor fuses fashion-forward thinking with classic sport lifestyle shoes, elevating the combined perspective of fashion and sport. Built on a minimalist couture court sole, the Astor boasts a fully ribbed upper and tongue with a leatherhook-and-loop closure.

Stella McCartney Bambi Campaign

Stella McCartney Bambi Campaign
Stella McCartney passion for animal welfare appears to be the force behind her Bambi-inspired ad campaign for autumn. The campaign, shot by Ryan McGinley in the woods of Worcestershire, England, features cinema’s most famous deer and his pals Thumper, Friend Owl, Flower the skunk — and assorted butterflies and bluebirds. “I’m a huge Bambi fan, and the film reminds me of my mum,” said McCartney, referring to the late Linda McCartney. “And we wanted to have some fun. The clothes in the campaign are looking quite fierce, and we wanted to contrast them with the innocence of Bambi,” she added. Model Sigrid Agren is pictured stroking a live fox, while the Disney characters have been layered onto the photos. The art direction was done by McCartney’s in-house team, together with Partner and Partner in London. The ads will break as double-page spreads in the September issues of French, Italian and British Vogue, V and Another Magazine.
Stella McCartney Bambi Campaign

Christian Lacroix teetering?

Christian Lacroix teetering?

A Christian Lacroix spokeswoman declined comment Monday on reports that turnaround firm Bernard Krief Consultants plans to bid for the troubled couture house, which is in administration. Hailing Lacroix as part of France’s cultural heritage, Krief said it was the sole contender and would table its offer July 27. Lacroix’s owner, Florida’s Falic Group, plans to seek a buyer until the end of July, or activate a restructuring plan that could see the workforce cut to 12 from 124, effectively reducing the 22-year-old fashion house to a licensing operation. Recently, Krief was among bidders for bankrupt fast-fashion chain Morgan, and it bought the troubled textile firm DMC out of administration.

All City x Lee Cooper Jeans x Johnny Fu

Marc Jacobs bag x peSetaALL CITY VS LEE COOPER and JONNY FU – City Escapades

Pop Up store and exhibition

July 24th- August 9th

37 Endell Street, Covent Garden, WC2 9H

Open every day 10am – 7pm

All City is proud to present City Escapades, a collaborative exhibition with the fictional character created by renowned UK based artist Ronzo Jonny Fu and British denim brand Lee Cooper. On this occasion, the East London Art Collective goes West, taking residence in an amazing space at the heart of Covent Garden. They have created both a stunning pop up store and ephemeral exhibition space.

The space will feature the launch of the collectives’ first series of 6 limited artist’s T-shirts alongside one-off artworks and prints. Also for the first time on British soil, the release of Jonny Fu’s plush toy, the 12” flute-playing kung fu master, who comes in a gigantic take-away noodle box. The space will play host to a light-box installation as well as a life-sized Jonny Fu delivery man.

All City’s pieces will also include Lee Cooper jeans screen printed by the art collective. Highlights of the private view will include the live customization of dozens of pairs of jeans.

Expect an impressive and eclectic decorum made out of the raw underground urban inspired universe of All City and Jonny Fu’s edgy irony.


Lee Cooper

The Fine English Denim Company. Since 1908

Lee Cooper was founded in Britain in 1908 by Morris Coop

Please do not split ‘Lee’ from ‘Cooper’. The name ‘Lee Cooper’ must appear on the same line to avoid misunderstanding.

The Lee Cooper brand was founded in England in 1908 by Morris Cooper and bills itself as “The Fine English Denim Company Since 1908.” Lee Cooper Limited is a designer, distributor, and marketer of branded jeans, clothing, accessories, and footwear. Nearly 100-years old, it is the third leading brand of jeans in France and in the UK and the second leading brand in Belgium. Lee Cooper, headquartered in London, has a worldwide presence through its extensive licensee network with operations in over 70 countries. Lee Cooper’s use of XFIT LYCRA ® means that Lee Cooper jeans are the best fitting jeans in the world. For more information, please access

All City

Founded as a collaborative project in 2007 by StolenSpace founder and illustrator Owen Phillips and photographer Dav Stewart, the ALLCITY collective is an outlet for creative projects. Over the past year, ALLCITY has gathered recognition as a prolific design collective, gaining commissions from Dazed&Confused, The Guardian, Faesthetic, Candy Collective Magazine and Passenger Records. The collective has also exhibited work in Saatchi & Saatchi and StolenSpace, and collaborated with photographer Fats Shariff.

The aim of the ALLCITY brand is to push creative work in new directions by combining different mediums and skills and working with people across a wide variety of professions. The final outcome of a brief is never pre-determined; ALLCITY acts as a platform for creative freedom. With many exciting new projects planned, including the exclusive release of 6 limited edition t-shirts and a collaboration bike with Genesis, the ranks are already expanding, including the addition of set designer Jo Lee and typographer Victoria Walmsley.

ALLCITY grew from a philosophy of exploration and experimentation,drawing inspiration from many sources, including border and youth cultures. Equally comfortable working for large organisations, ALLCITY also sees self-initiated work as a vital role, constantly realising ideas and learning new techniques. ALLCITY products are currently available in selected stockists in London as well as online at ALLCITY is a group of people that enjoy working together and achieving more.

Power in numbers


Jonny Fu

Jonny Fu: The Legend of FU

‘For the love of all humans, animals and plants’

The Jonny Fu story remains shrouded in mystery. The legend has it that Jonny Fu’s early life was far from ordinary. Some say he lived as highly skilled mercenary in the depths of a South East Asian jungle. While others still believe that Jonny was contracted as fearsome assassin by a highly organised organisation. Some even think he runs a little takeaway restaurant in the outskirts of Tokyo. Only those who hear of his hauntingly beautiful flute play, understand the legend that is FU!

Jonny Fu is an character art project by renowned UK based artist Ronzo. Jonny Fu and his world manifest themselves in installations, short animation films, 3 dimensional characters, illustrations and wall paintings.

So far Jonny Fu has been featured in art books, press, internet and has

been broadcasted on TV.

Marc Jacobs bag x peSeta

Marc Jacobs bag x peSetafinally, the ukelele bag, our latest collaboration with Marc Jacobs, can be seen at his website and has arrived to the U.S., London and Paris boutiques…

This is the third exclusive series we’ve had the pleasure to design especially for Marc Jacobs. In Spring 2008 we did the bolsaco totebag and in Fall 2008 it was the passport holder.

The bag is really light but the materials are rough and tough: inside-out denim and a super cotton (called “espiga” around here), made using a traditional loom… spanish style, the old fashioned way… The lining has classic squares and stripes (with two color options: red and blue), and there are four useful pockets.

Marc Jacobs bag x peSeta

It´s a bag for boys and girls. Treating this ukelele bag with love means folkin´ daily use, wild nite “giving-it-all” and massive world (or neighbourhood) tours.

The ukelele bag will be available at the Marc by Marc Jacobs shops in the U.S., Paris (19, place du Marché Saint-Honoré) and London (24-25 Mount St).

aprox. measurements: 56x25x17 cm.
price: $98. £88

peSeta® is a small company from Madrid, Spain, and basically we try to do nice stuff out of fabric. we collect fabrics from all over the world and make limited series of bags and more… they´re all full of little details and different from the previous and there are several ways to wear it; plus, we´ve started producing collections following the traditional fashion calendar (the first one will be for F/W09) and we also love doing collaborations with other brands. the last one was the one i wanted to introduce to you this time.

Swear Shoes S/S 2010

Swear Shoes S/S 2010Since its frantic inception S***R attracted the eye of creative people in the worlds of fashion and music. Indie artists, musicians and actors have been spotted wearing S***R shoes, among these respected designer Matthew Williamson, Thom York from Radiohead, Skin, Orlando Bloom, many a band from Kings of Leon to Muse, Nouvelle Vague to Liars, The Horrors to The Teenagers, all felt the noise of Swear.

S***R’s original DEAN design, a pointed shoe with distinctive rubber sole, featuring the iconic James Dean “Rebel Without a Cause” graphic outsole, marked the brand’s now instantly recognisable S***R ‘look’.

Few brands used a sports based sole in so many ways before. From classic oxfords and derbies to the most complex design, the DEAN has been the quintessential style of every S***R season, notably for its use of rich materials and colourfully employing metalic leathers and bold detailing.



Burberry Prorsum Menswear – pre A/W09


“The season is about reinvention – redefining and re-modernising the core of what Burberry stands for with our authentic British spirit and point of view.”


Nutmeg, old stone, mole, trench, dark birch, pearl, light grey mélange, dark airforce green, black, white, muted tweeds, ink, metal blue, thistle blue, light metal, regiment red, dark grey mélange, dark tweeds

eBay, the defender of liberty or?

eBay, the defender of liberty or?
So ebay wants to protect the rights of its users and break down trade barriers. I suppose the majority of companies would advise eBay that they tidy up their house and stop enabling the sale of counterfeit goods before they fight the valiant fight of open borders. Maybe…

Have you ever been prevented from buying stock because you want to sell it on eBay or other online outlets? Have manufacturers ever used VeRO to remove perfectly legitimate listings? Do you believe brand owners restrict re-sale of their goods online? Have you been told you can only sell products sourced from one particular distributor in your country?

Next week eBay will survey thousands of buyers and sellers across Europe asking them to sign a petition regarding trade barriers. This will be presented to European decision-makers asking them to amend EU competition law in order to make it harder for certain brands and manufacturers to block the sale of their products on eBay and other marketplaces

eBay was built on the principle of enabling ordinary people to buy and sell practically anything to or from anywhere in the world. It’s enabled thousands of people to turn online selling into a business and at the same time provided great deals for buyers from the widest possible selection of goods.

Brand owners (and not just those supplying luxury goods) are threatening free trade by attempting to restrict sales of their products online, or by imposing onerous conditions on sellers. According to the latest Online Business Index, two in five online businesses have experienced mysterious problems with suppliers or manufacturers which they suspected were due to selling their products over the internet.


“COUNTERFEIT clothing worth more than £500,000 has been seized in raids on eBay traders.” The Bolton News.

“A trader faces jail if he fails to pay back £90,000 which he made from selling fake designer clothing on the internet.” Hertfordshire County Council.

“A BULWELL man sold £70,000 of counterfeit clothing on eBay in just seven months.” thisisnottingham

“TWO brothers have been jailed over a sophisticated fraud involving the sale of fake goods on eBay.” Lancashire Telegraph

“North Yorkshire Trading Standards says eBay can take up to two months to provide the names and addresses of suspects it is pursuing.”

eBay is perhaps not the valiant defender of justice and liberty afterall?

Rivet De Cru Jeans Giftcard Competition

Rivet De Cru Jeans Giftcard CompetitionWin a $115 Rivet De Cru Jeans Giftcard. Just answer the following question: ” What does Rivet De Cru Jeans mean??? “. Send your answer to Competition closes 30th July.

Rivet De Cru Jeans brand based out of Los Angeles founded in late 2007, Was launched by long-time denim designer Ruben Dario Campos, an industry leader in quality and innovative jean manufacturing with over 18 years of Denim sales and design experience.

After many years of sales at the helm of Italian Denim Brand Parasuco Jeans, Ruben decided to venture out on his own. A decision that would decidedly change his life for the better, and put him well on his way to learning the art of premium denim design from scratch.

In 1999 a new option presented itself in an alliance with the RP55 Group, where he was able to successfully sharpen his skills in fabric selection, laundry and trim selections in order to create a brand that would become synonymous in the industry with great premium washes and a perfect fit, Azzure Denim was born. After almost a decade and a few brands later, Ruben once again felt the need for change and wanted to renew his first love, premium jeans.

Once again Ruben was now in a position to truly express himself and fill the void in the market with something he felt had been missing. From intricate washes, with destroy accents, carefully positioned hand brush areas and creases, he was now designing the jeans that would leave a timeless denim impression in our closets. Rivet De Cru which means vintage rivet in French, carries Ruben’s initials, a brand that finally would hold his seal of approval.

” We treat our jeans like paintings, using the denim as our canvas, the washes as our medium, and the premium denim lifestyle as our inspiration for our design, to create the perfect pair of jeans” … Ruben Campos

With striking washes and fresh new product every month, he has been able to sell to an international market and some of the leading boutiques in the United States. Combining a love for Americana West and Premium European Fashions, Rivet De Cru’s look and feel will separate it from your normal pair of jeans.

Five Four Clothing Summer 2009

Five Four  Clothing Summer 2009L.A.’s Five Four has released their new Summer 2009 lookbook. Photographer Marco Bollinger captured the new clothing beautifully, mixed with Mosley Tribes eye wear and Five Four Partner Andres Izquieta’s modest shoe collection. The collection is a clean, well-cut take on summer clothing with a mix of bright solid colors and lightweight materials. Vests, lightweight spring jackets, button downs and shorts are all well represented in the full collection of warm weather garments. Five Four creators Andres Izquieta and Dee Murthy met at USC and have developed the brand from a college dorm room in 2001 to a full collection with over 150 styles per season.

Vivienne Westwood, Fashion Dynasty

Vivienne Westwood, Fashion DynastyDame Vivienne Westwood’s eldest son Ben Westwood is launching his own fashion line for men. Known mostly as an erotic photographic of girls, his decision to break into menswear is not surprising.

Rather, it is a natural progression of things. His mother designs both womenswear and menswear; his brother Joseph Corre, the founder of Agent Provocateur has never ventured into men’s fashion. It is about time that someone in the family takes up the torch from their mother.

Interestingly enough, Ben’s men’s collection of jackets, trousers and shirts competes directly with his father-in-law Andreas Kronthaler’s MAN collection for Vivienne Westwood.

Ben has been designing and making the clothing range at Vivienne Westwood HQ in Battersea, London. He is putting together a capsule collection for September’s Fashion Week in London.

Ben Westwood ClothingMeanwhile, his brother Joseph Corre had announced that he is stocking Ben’s range in his new store ‘A Child of the Jago’ in Great Eastern Street, London.

Last month Ben Westwood held his Spawn:Bound exhibition at the Bodhi Gallery in London. Sharon Osbourne purchased Ben’s fetish depiction of Kelly Osbourne wrapped in ties reading Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

Burberry Store in Bahrain

London, 2 July 2009 – Burberry is pleased to announce the opening of the second Burberry store in Bahrain.

The 300 square metre store, located within the City Centre Mall opened today.

The store features a full range of ready-to-wear from the Burberry London collection for men and women as well as Burberry accessories including bags, jewellery and shoes, and fragrance, timepieces and sunglasses lines.

The store also showcases the Burberry childrenswear collection.

The first Burberry store to open in Bahrain opened at Moda Mall within the World Trade Centre on 5 June 2009.
Burberry, which is headquartered in London and listed on the London Stock Exchange, was founded in 1856.