Rufskin Clothing and jeansRUFSKIN Denim was founded in early 2000 by Head Designer Hubert Pouches and Partner Douglas Coats. They met in Paris, France in the early 90’s when Douglas was a fashion model and Hubert owned a men’s modeling agency.

Rufskin’s clothing is designed to enhance the individual male form. All designs are original and hand made; paying close attention to detail. Rufskin challenges the boundaries of male design by consistently creating fashions that allow men to define their personal style of sexy.

The Rufskin brand is based out of Southern California and offers a unique selection of denim jeans, underwear, swim-wear, fitness clothing, and accessories. Their sexy masculine styling has proven to be what the male market is evolving towards; a more self-confidant and masculine awareness of the male form. Appealing to all types of men who want to look their sexy best, Rufskin has established themselves as a pioneer in men’s fashion. Choosing Rufskin will always set you apart by their unique fit in addition to style and quality.
Rufskin Clothing and jeans