Equmen Wonder ShirtMany men might have recently heard about the wonder shirt from Equmen. This is a review of the core precision undershirt or also known as the wondershirt. The main claim to fame of this revolution in men’s clothing is it has the ability to make you look better!

Launched at Saks Fifth Avenue last May 29, Equmen is a male body-optimizing undergarment concept is the male version of shapewear, but designed with men’s health and style needs in mind. Already a hit in the U.K., Equemen’s Core Precision Undershirt is aptly nicknamed the “wondershirt”,

The patented Helix-Mapping System embedded in every garment merges physical therapy insights with state-of-the art sportswear engineering to improve posture, provide core support and visibly streamline the body.

“Advanced garment technologies are used in the activewear market to help improve athletic performance,” says Corie Chung, spokesperson for Equmen.

“We have leveraged these capabilities to engineer garments that can improve men of all shapes and sizes, whether they want to make a confident impression at work, dress for a special occasion, or simply improve everyday ergonomics,” Chung added.

The result is a range of high-performance undershirts that forge a new generation in men’s underwear, delivering a classic look with healthy-body benefits and visible cosmetic improvement.

Saks Fifth Avenue will be the first retailer in the United States to carry the line. “We are seeing evolution in the menswear and grooming segments as men are becoming more aware of what it takes to put their best foot forward,” says Eric Jennings, Fashion Director. “Women have long had an extensive set of resources in this area. We are very pleased to give men a new, highly effective tool in their grooming arsenal.”