Lacoste T-Shirt by Andrea CrewsLacoste creative director Christophe Lemaire wanted a fun feeling for LACOSTE RED! Fall 2009 / Winter 2010 collection. Lemaire chose Paris-based art collective Andrea Crews to create an exclusive capsule collection of T-shirts to complement his Lacoste Red! Collection.

With Lacoste Red! aimed at a younger and more urban-oriented customers, collaborating with Andrea Crews is a logical choice for Lemaire. Both a brand and a multidisciplinary collective of international artists, Andrea Crews is experimental and playful and thus making it a perfect fit for Lacoste Red!

Taking the iconic Lacoste crocodile as the main inspiration, Andrea Crews gave it “with a more funky style and attitude; more party croco than classy croco.”

“We offered the crocodile a new youth. He’s playful and colorful and shows energetic behavior from 7 to 77,” said Crews.