GoldSpun Jeans & Apparel, Innovative & Timeless

To many, innovation and timeless quality might appear a paradox. However GoldSpun have found fashion’s version of alchemy and offer truly unique garments with a timeless edge.

GoldSpun was introduced in the beginning of 2007, by creative director Marck Marcellus. His vision for GoldSpun is to offer quality garments made from premium raw materials and an innovative design concept.

At the core of GoldSpun is a collection of specialty denim jeans and jackets complimented by shirting, wovens, twills, vests and outerwear.

All the raw materials are imported from Japan, Europe and local suppliers. GoldSpun denim is dyed with a special tint, to give it a richer, deeper, color and feel. That is how our raw “industrial tint” program was inducted.

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Every detail incorporated into the design process is inspired by a futuristic advent-garde approach and always pushing the limits of technical innovation. Each part serves a purpose, each element has a function. Such details as triple needle stitching for durability, passport pockets for increased utility and precision tailoring for a sleek and contoured fit, can be found on all of GoldSpun’s garments.

The GoldSpun washing process takes place in California by hand. It is a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Each pair of jeans is treated, washed, hand sanded and baked individually, so that every pair is unique and one-of-a-kind.

The result is a perfect union of utility meets elegance; a multi-functional lifestyle line combining, clean silhouettes with subtle detailing that is built to withstand time.

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