Dirty English ClothingFinally, a smart marketing move from the Juicy girls. It’s just amazing it took over 5 years for the girls to realise no man is going to buy a brand called Juicy Couture!

Dirty English debuted its first full line in Spring 2009. Dirty English is now sold in Juicy Couture retail locations worldwide. Dirty English replaced the Juicy Couture For Men line which debuted in 2003 and includes denim, ready-to-wear, accessories, fragrance and sunglasses.

With an eye towards swaggering punks and sexy rock stars, Dirth English embraces a distinctly edgy sensibility. “Our male customers are sophisticated and worldly, and at the same time edgy and free-spirited. We felt the name Dirty English sums up the attitude and essence of the men’s collection, toffs, bad boys and anglophiles! It’s bloody great!” says Juicy Couture co-presidents Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist Levy.